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Why no more manned missions to the moon?

Discussion in 'Serious Discussion' started by Swan, Aug 20, 2011.

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    Swan EsG

    I just saw an advert for that Apollo 18 movie and it led me to thinking why have there been no more missions to the moon? Apparently it is because there is nothing of value there and its costly however i do not believe this. I am usually one to laugh at conspiracy theories but i do believe there is something going on that we do not know about.

    What are your views?
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    Dunc Haggis muncher

    You know the expression 'been there, done that and got the t-shirt'? That's pretty much why. As you said, there's nothing worth the effort on the moon, hence why people are mainly focusing on places like Mars.
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    Swan EsG

    yeah but apparently there was an Apollo 18 mission which NASA did behind the governments back.
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    Toobez Timbo Slice

    you've already said the answer
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    Swan EsG

    that's the official answer however if there is evidence to show a secret mission their answer is made void.
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    Toobez Timbo Slice

    no it's not, what else do they need to find out from visiting the moon that is going to cost billions of dollars, stop waffling
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    Kid Well-Known Member

    end of day, we will never know. im sure there are tons of shit what the government and people like that know and they are just keeping it from us
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    Swan EsG

    I don't know if you can comprehend the whole idea of a conspiracy theory but it means that the obvious answer is believable to easily cover up for the actual answer. But OK you have stated your view. Thanks.
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    Swan EsG

    yeah, i'm not too sure about this but they have to release info after 50 years right? this is big because in the last 50 years a lot more technologies have been created to find out more stuff and create more devastation.
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    Kid Well-Known Member

    not sure at all mate but i just believe they know alot more shit than we do.
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    Noobyy Dr. Philosoraptor

    I don't understand at all, soon(geologically speaking) the earth will become uninhabitable (about 500my) the moon is a prime relocation candidate, comparatively easily terraformed. ultimately humans will venture to the stars (wish i was born in such a time) preparation should begin now really.
    EDIT: just adding japan are preparing for a manned mission about 2020 and ESA a manned mission to mars 2035
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    Swan EsG

    my meaning million years? if this is true the moon is not big enought to relocate to which is why i think they have moved onto mars etc
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    Toobez Timbo Slice

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    Noobyy Dr. Philosoraptor

    hate to sound incredibly offensive but truthfully speaking when the time to leave comes not everyone will be evacuated, much less water is needed to support humanity than on earth(which makes up for most of the surface) and the moon is a far better platform to travel from (much less gravity). yes my meant million years.
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    WaRyO Active Member

    It costs too much, the same reason why they stopped the international space station. and we could learn much more from other planets than just keep sending people to the moon.
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    Swan EsG

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    Minime Well-Known Member

    They have never been to the moon, they can barely get there now. Think of technology back then :\
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    Swan EsG

    yeah that's another theory that it was all staged to make Russia think they got there first
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    Jakeukpfc Well-Known Member

    plz dnt let there be moon landing conspiracy theories oh I beg of you

    That Brian Cox came to my school and said they were planning to set off to Mars in about 2017
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    yesJordann Member

    beyond our lifetime , so no worries here.
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    NeXy Member

    I dont quite get your idea of a trip to the moon without the government knowing unless i have something totally wrong how are they going to launch a billion dollar rocket off the face of the earth without somebody noticing?
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    Kid Well-Known Member

    for the theory about the mood landing to be fake,, take a look at this

    scroll down near the bottom and there are pictures which 'prove' that the landing was fake
    interesting tbh
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    s1mz I rape back

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    Kid Well-Known Member


    kinder weird tbh
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    Falconer Well-Known Member

    its night...