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Vanity P2P Tournament.MW2

Discussion in 'Modern Warfare 2' started by ElliotVS, Aug 7, 2010.

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    CazuaLL CazuaLLUK - Liam Biggs

    LOL whats it to you, sad pric and if i do does it matter.....idiot

    Its £20, is £20 that much of a big deal to you?
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    CazuaLL CazuaLLUK - Liam Biggs

    ooops double post
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    ElliotVS Well-Known Member

    Ok Caz ;)

    Get signed up guys :D
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    CazuaLL CazuaLLUK - Liam Biggs

    Ill keep you updated matey :)
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    Shawzi Active Member

    So professional cazuall.. Keep going ;).

    And ting na mate id rather spend 20£ on other things, not a bunch of people ive met once or not even at all!.
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    Jamziy God

    might want to take paradoX off the interested list as there not a team no more but add 'Jamie's Team' to the list!
    we should be paying soon!
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    The-Spirit Banned

    jamie you random well keep it paradoX till we find a good name.
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    ElliotVS Well-Known Member

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    Jamziy God

    Whatever Mr Brinley.
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    Flump Member

    We are intrested Elliot just got to see how we go as a team for a few weeks, just picked up our 4th :D
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    Granny Guest

    im signing us up tomorrow :)
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    aphiX Well-Known Member


    peace !
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    ElliotVS Well-Known Member

    Ok great stuff.
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    CazuaLL CazuaLLUK - Liam Biggs

    Ill be paying soon elliot!
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    ElliotVS Well-Known Member

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    ElliotVS Well-Known Member

    Keep them coming lads. :)
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    CazuaLL CazuaLLUK - Liam Biggs

    Will do matey :) dw paying soon :)
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    ElliotVS Well-Known Member

    Great! Still just under 2 weeks left to pay guys so no rush but the sooner the better!
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    GamweLL Asst. Head Mod.

    When was the paid teams last updated? Only 3 teams so far! signing us up soon.
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    NatB @NatBLive

    Its fully updated Gamwell mate. Teams need to step up and pay £5 (4x£5) each not much at the end of the day =//. This tournement should be the biggest online one between now and EGE.

    Elliot do we get a refund if you dont get 16 teams ?
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    Conzo Well-Known Member

    Most people either don't have paypal or would rather not pay money when they know they are going to get smashed in the first 2 games
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    Tidus Mino Member

    Will pay sometime this week :) Just need to sort out who's Paypal its coming out of
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    The-Spirit Banned

    We can pay past friday I think.
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    woodybruv1 Member

    inFenso are now signed up :)
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    DeFex Well-Known Member

    we will pay once we sort our 4th out >_<