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TV Screen Flickering (Like A Strobe Light)

Discussion in 'Hardware & Software' started by white > geeza, Apr 3, 2011.

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    white > geeza Candy

    My TV details:

    Humax 20.1" TFT-LCD TV.
    Rating: AC 100-240 V, 50-60 hz.
    Model: LU20-TD2
    (Not sure if these needed but figured I may aswell list as much info as possible, the TV is around 2 years old).

    Problem: When I turn the TV on, the screen flashes continuously to the point where it's pretty much like a strobe light. It's impossible to look at it for too long. I can still see the picture on the TV or the xbox, but the picture is flashing. It first happened like 2 weeks ago, at first the flashing stopped after about 2-5 minutes, it then progressed to 10-20 minutes, but now it's taking hours for the flashing to stop. Sometimes it doesn't stop flashing until turned off and on again and repeating the process.

    Any ideas on what to do ? Thanks.
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    Bang Tidy Bro Well-Known Member

    Updates avaiable in the menu or anything ? Check all cables etcccc, like swap em with new ones or spares
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    white > geeza Candy

    The menu doesn't really offer any options to be honest, just the standard stuff. I've tried adjusting the screen resolution and also tried unplugging everything and leaving it out for a while but no luck
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    Bang Tidy Bro Well-Known Member

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    white > geeza Candy

    Yup, anyone else have any ideas ?
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    iC I Joker Active Member

    More information what kind of screen is it LCD, Plasma, CRT tv? Explain the Flicker is it a flicker to a black screen. Or is it a light flicker.
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    white > geeza Candy

    Like I said in my initial post, it's a Humax LCD TV. It's hard to explain really, I can still see the game that is playing on the xbox, but the screen is flashing from the image to a black screen at such a rate that it's like a strobe light. If the TV does finally stop flashing, then I am able to play for as long as I like, but as soon as the TV is switched off then on again, the flashing starts again. I may post a video if it will help ?
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    iC I Joker Active Member

    Yeah sorry I'm stupid I can't believe I missed all that information. I couldn't really pin point what exactly is wrong with it. It could be the power supply (although I can't see this being the problem as it stops flickering after a while) so the other likely suspect is the inverter, or the backlight. I know it's flickering but is it possible to shine a light from a flashlight and see if you can see an image, if so its more in likely the inverter.
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    white > geeza Candy

    Probably going to suck it up and buy a new TV, but I appreciate the help man.
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    Mr W New Member

    Hi, I,ve got the same model with exactly the same fault, currently got the set scarted to a 10" tv to make use of freeview tuner - signal from scart is fine, have looked inside set - but nothing obvious causing fault
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    stuart owen New Member

    hi ive just fixed 2 humax lu20-td2 screen flickering it was 3 capacitors on the powerboard 3 i changed was 31 32 33 just look see if the tops are a bit blown/lifted if so replace them with same
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    Mr W New Member

    Stuart you are a star - I checked the capacitors that you said and 31 & 32 had tops blown - easy to miss.
    Replaced these ( got a pack of 5 for 90p ) and no more flickering.
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    Sawmaster95 New Member

    Hey, can someone help me out? I have a Sceptre 36' LCD tv, model # X32, it's power input is 100-240VAC, Hz: 60/50.
    Can anyone help me stop it's annoying flashing? I'd sure appreciate it! Thanks!
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    HYPZ Decerto Forums's $1m Sponsor

    yes! I have had this exact problem !

    What you need to do is:

    firstly get a better job

    be able to afford a non poverty TV


    solved! :)

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