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SCUF Controller - Competitive Edition

Discussion in 'Sell' started by Tuna, Oct 15, 2011.

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    Tuna Well-Known Member

    Selling the SCUF FPS Competitive controller.

    Bought it at ECL3, used it at ReflexGT5 and was really good but don't play the game enough to warrant even using the controller anymore.

    It has the PS3 stick on it and the back paddles, in great condition, pretty much as new. Will provide with the SCUF key to tighten or loosen the triggers too.

    Ideally do it over paypal, dm me if you're interested.

    £45 or roundabout that price.
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    GavstaH Member

    I will buy it for 40
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    ChownN Well-Known Member

    £45, if you sell it on ebay?
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    CooKiee TC

    @Tuna 40 at lan depending on how much cash i have :) does it have trigger stops ?
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    CooKiee TC

    ahh alright