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[RGT8] Good LAN / Bad LAN

Discussion in 'ReflexGT8' started by Mellow, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Mellow @MellowLive

    Yet another ReflexGT has concluded in Weesp, Holland and with that in mind, we bring you yet another Good LAN / Bad LAN where we talk about the highlights and the lowlights of the event.

    Good LAN - ApeX

    Always a good place to start, the winners. ApeX came into the event as reigning champions and confident of taking another Reflex crown. They still had a hell of a lot of work to do though in what was an extremely competitive ReflexGT event. They even had to welcome in Callum 'Swanny' Swan as a last minute pick up, as their long serving AR, Zak 'Riddlez' Tallis was unable to attend due to university commitments. The team made extremely light work of the Winner Bracket and booked their place in the Grand Final at the first time of asking. It was only there that they dropped their first map, and after a slightly shaky start, the team were once again in the zone and eventually saw out the final with a score of 5-2. Collectively the team had a great weekend with all of them on form. Gotaga had flashes of brilliance while Tommey and McGee were their usual consistent selves. Stand in Swanny particularly shone and walked away with the crown of tournament MVP. All round a great event for apeX. Deserving winners.

    Without question the best

    Bad LAN - Pain Gaming

    I think it's fair to say that the popular Spaniards had something of a stinker at ReflexGT8. Having grabbed a respectable 7th-8th place at Battle of Amsterdam, the team then headed to EEE where they took the competition by storm and took their first European LAN win; albeit against average opponents relatively speaking. As their experience grew, most people would have expected Pain Gaming to come to ReflexGT8 and improve on their previous performances. Sadly, Pain went in the opposite direction and slumped out of the competition with a top 12 finish (out of 18), following a heavy 3-0 defeat against Team Visual. Pain now need to head home and pick themselves up ahead of their next European outing. Something went wrong at ReflexGT8 and hopefully they can fix that and come back stronger.

    A new type of Pain

    Good LAN - Fariko.Dragons

    Anyone close to the team will know that they came into ReflexGT8 in a state of limbo. The team was working to some degree, but given the players the Dragons roster was boasting, there was definitely room for improvement and areas of the team's game play definitely needed to be ironed out. They started the tournament in mixed fashion. They won but didn't win convincingly. They soon found themselves matched up again MythiX in a fixture where they ultimately struggled. A lack of team cohesion meant that the Dragons were soon condemned to the Middle Bracket with a lot of work to do. A re-think of tactics saw the team refine their approach to the game slightly, and it showed. Their next opponents didn't know what hit them and suddenly Fariko.Dragons were looking like a different team. With this new approach came a new confidence and the team were now all on the same page. Communication was greatly improved and the Dragons were now rocking the Middle Bracket.

    A close game against the impressive PMP further boosted the team's ambitions and they soon found themselves competing against Western Wolves in the Consolation final with a place in the Grand Final at stake. With a one map advantage, the Dragons started off well but an SnD game on Carbon could have been the turning point. Western Wolves grabbed the map and were now hot on the heals of Fariko.Dragons. Many of the crowd speculated that Western Wolves were going to bring it back, but the final CTF game was sealed in considerably fashion and the Wolves had to settle for third while Fariko.Dragons moved on. Coming into the Grand Final with a two map deficit, the Dragons managed to take the first maps of the competition from apeX. With the contest at 3-2 it seemed like apeX just found another gear and for all of the Dragons', apeX soon left them in the dust. Still, a great first placement for this completely new team. If they stick together until EGL and work out their differences, who knows where they finish.

    The Dragons have arrived

    Fariko.Yin - Bad LAN

    Top 10 isn't that bad, all things considered. Fariko.Yin is just a name at the end of the day, but for followers of the ReflexGT series, they will tell you that Fariko.Yin has always been a front runner. The Fariko organisation is no doubt evolving and their new concepts to increase LAN attendance and help boost the ambitions of underdog teams and free agents alike will benefit the scene in the long run, if controlled properly. Sadly the biggest victim of this change is the Fariko.Yin name, and it's fair to say that it could now be a while before we see Fariko.Yin among the top placements again at a ReflexGT event, or any European LAN event for that matter.

    Fariko manager, Brainiac watches on

    Good LAN - PMP

    I think everyone guessed this before it even happened. As reluctant as I am to put the team that placed 6th in Good LAN. They definitely deserved it. Considering this was their LAN debut, they approached the tournament without fear and achieved some great results over the course of the weekend. Some might argue that this is the most competitive ReflexGT to date, with the top places being contested by a lot of Europe's best teams. If we look back at events like ReflexGT4, 5 and 6, the level of competition is definitely higher this time around. To place 6th despite that above much more established teams is a great achievement on their first outing and hopefully PMP aren't just a flash in the pan. They now need to capitalise on their impressive performances, attend more events and continue to improve. All round a good weekend for the Italians beating teams like LiNK and Epsylon, and only falling short to wW, Fariko.Dragons and MythiX, two of which were five game series.

    The Italians shine on their first LAN outing

    Epsylon - Bad LAN

    The BoA champions just didn't look the same team at ReflexGT8. Having welcomed back Agonie to the SMG role, the team floundered in the Winner Bracket and dropped early on at the hands of PMP. In the Middle Bracket their fortunes were somewhat mixed. They looked fairly average against LiNK and only just managed to edge the mix team in a five game series, before looking somewhat impressive against MythiX; a series that they won 3-0. Their next opponents were Fariko.Dragons, a team that had found form and were flying through the Middle Bracket. Fariko.Dragons dealt a surprising 3-0 defeat to the French #1 team and Epsylon were now in the Loser Bracket.

    In a rematch against MythiX, the team only just hung on despite leading the game 5-0 at one point before allowing MythiX to claw back four successive maps. With the pressure on, MythiX could have taken the tenth map of the series, however poor decision making by the team meant that Epyslon were allowed to take the game 6-4 in a series they could have easily lost. Epsylon now faced Western Wolves who had also experienced a severe change in fortunes. The Wolves proved to simply be a notch above Epsylon and the Frenchmen had to settle for fourth place. In some respects a good placement considering the competition but for a team with this kind of expectations, I am sure all four players felt they could have performed and placed better at this event. Now the team is surrounded by rumours that they might call time on their line up. Hopefully they'll be able to iron out their differences and come back strong, especially with EGL5 Blackpool just around the corner.

    What truly cemented Epsylon in Bad LAN was their inability to follow the rules this weekend. Despite an early warning for using Extended Magazines, certain members of the team seemed intent on abusing a lack of referee knowledge. A matter that did not go undetected by viewers at home. Unfortunately this only served to add a further black mark to their already somewhat disappointing weekend.

    More to come from Broken and D1ablo

    Good LAN - Quality of Competition

    Despite having so few teams in competition, ReflexGT8 was actually an extremely competitive event at the upper end of the scale, with the top places being hotly contested by a lot of Europe's best teams. Before the event it was extremely hard to call the top 5 and realistically any one of around 4-5 teams could have won the tournament on the day. ReflexGT8 was also extremely international with teams in attendance from the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Spain and Italy.

    A quality LLL side only managed 7th-8th among a stacked field

    Bad LAN - Disconnections

    Disaster struck during the Winner Bracket final as the internet continually disconnected. A wiring issue outside of the organisers control saw a number of important matches completed in farcical conditions. Unfortunately this is the draw back of playing a title that is developed to such low standards. Then again what do we expect? LAN lobbies will not equal sales to put it simply. Everyone will buy the game regardless so having a LAN lobby makes almost no difference to their customer base. If Activision perhaps had some competition then a bit more customer service might become a larger priority but when your bigger rivals are Battlefield, a sub standard carbon copy of your previous title is basically enough to ship millions of copies. Luckily for Activision their rival publishers are a company that seem even less bothered about providing lasting services to loyal customers than they do. Oh well, I guess it's only 8 months from the release of Black Ops 2. Perhaps no bullet registration is a lesser evil than having woeful competitive multiplayer support.

    Western Wolves wait for the game to resume

    Good LAN - Commentary

    The regular casting duo of ReL and A_Spec have had their fair share of critics during their time covering the ReflexGT Call of Duty events. The latter especially with many fans citing a lack of knowledge of both the game and the community. ReflexGT8 seemed to be a turning point for the tide of doubters with many of the previous critics noting that the duo had continued to build chemistry while A_Spec's knowledge has clearly greatly improved and he was really looking the part this time around. The combination of quality commentary and an extremely competitive field delivered an highly entertaining experience for the viewers at home. Another successful ReflexGT event, especially for those watching at home.

    A_Spec on form this weekend

    Bad LAN - SND Headset Rules

    This has gone on for too long now and it seems that no one can understand it. Why at some LANs are you forced to take your headset off after you die in SND? It's extremely difficult to police, no one remembers to do it and people shout out immediately after they die just out of instinct. It happens every time. It's an unnecessary rule and it adds an extra dimension to the game being able to communicate with your dead team mates. Obviously the line is drawn at players using 3rd person for a cheeky glance around the corner on behalf of their team mates. The rules need to change.

    Crookz the last alive for MythiX

    Good LAN - European Relations

    A quick glance at the final placements thread reveals a serious increase in multi-national line ups, possibly more than ever before. The entire top 5 were made up for mixed nationality teams. Given the possible issues created by language barriers, internet connections and more, it's great to see so many of Europe's finest players finding team mates outside of their own country. We now have an extremely interesting set of top teams and with Europe, if not the World's largest ever Call of Duty event only a few weeks away, the huge number of top teams this has spawned only serves to intensify the competition.

    Western Wolves just one of many European line ups

    Bad LAN – Attendance

    After ReflexGT7 achieved an all time high in terms of attendance figures, ReflexGT8 has gone in the completely opposite direction, only attracting a disappointing 18 teams. Undoubtedly there are a number of good reasons behind the attendance figures decreasing including BoA now running LANs in Amsterdam, EGL being close by, too many European LAN events and more. Hopefully more teams will attend next time around.

    The brackets tell the disappointing tale of attendance

    Good LAN - Event Layout

    The layout of ReflexGT definitely contributes to the atmosphere at the event and after seeing increased numbers at ReflexGT7, the addition of the top room unfortunately served to decrease the atmosphere in the venue. With decreased numbers, we once again saw everyone back in the bottom room and with commentary now being played to the audience, the feel of ReflexGT as we once knew it was back. There was also more of a buzz to the downstairs room once again, something we had missed at ReflexGT7.

    The buzz of RGT was back

    Bad LAN - Prize Fund

    I guess this is what we would expect from a LAN with this number of teams. In fact if anything the prize fund might be deemed as generous all things considered. Still, with this level of competition, it's almost a shame that the teams are battling it out for a share of only 1600€.

    Will the bank accept this?

    Good LAN - No Vomit on Stream

    Disaster struck at the end of ReflexGT7 and anyone watching the stream will tell you that ReL had anything but his shining hour. Amsterdam is a beast that needs to be treated with respect and this time around we managed to complete the event without subjecting people to any amounts of sick or similar bodily function. I think this is something that everyone at ReflexGT can be proud of today. A job well done.

    "You calling me a lightweight?"

    That concludes our coverage of yet another ReflexGT event. You can find all our articles, interviews, photos and more in our ReflexGT coverage thread:

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    Betrayed @TheOneBetrayed

    Wp all teams, was a class event. One of the best I've watched tbh :)
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    <3 Lan @Mellow

    This has gone on for too long now and it seems that no one can understand it. Why at some LANs are you forced to take your headset off after you die in SND? It's extremely difficult to police, no one remembers to do it and people shout out immediately after they die just out of instinct. It happens every time. It's an unnecessary rule and it adds an extra dimension to the game being able to communicate with your dead team mates. Obviously the line is drawn at players using 3rd person for a cheeky glance around the corner on behalf of their team mates. The rules need to change.

    what will the rules be for EGL5 ?
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    Blackk Curse

    shame the connection issues happened as was tobi and maks first reflex and dont think they were too happy lol. also attendance was poor, i know ive dodged many reflexes but this one was just bad. Hopefully relfex wont have a LAN every weekend and people can save money to come.
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    Mayhxm Well-Known Member

    Yeah the headset rule is just silly. Can you disable 3rd person in the settings? Talking to team mates should be okay, just no 3rd person watching. If 3rd person can't be disabled, just have a rule to put down controller when die maybe.
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    Dan Zeus

    stream was top notch again, gets better every event
  7. Offline

    ratm Member

    Nice read, great event. Hope to see again pMp in high places, wp to everyone!
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    vapeZ F/A

    the 3rd person option is to make the actual game 3rd or 1st person.

    I think most top teams have got the decency not to 3rd person for their team-mates in SnD anyway tbh.
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    Mayhxm Well-Known Member

    I'd hope all teams would have the decency to do this tbh with you.
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    A_Spec Well-Known Member

    Surely this positive note on my commentary further solidifies 2012 as the end of days.
  11. Offline

    JimBoWido1 ULTIMAX

    are you being sarcastic?
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    speedboy24 Destiny!

    Good read
    Hope they fix the connections at EGL tho
  13. Offline

    Mellow @MellowLive

    Same as before. We don't use this rule.

    People pay to coach as well so they're obviously going to want to talk during SnD.
  14. Offline

    Dan Zeus

    no why? genuinely think it gets better every event, they always seem to add in something that makes it a little better
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    Quality .

    so proud of @Swanny, such a joy to know a fine specimen like him.
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    ZarKaH-T1 Member

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    McCann Active Member

    It was a one of mate. It never usually happens just bad luck I suppose.
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    A_Spec Well-Known Member

    The connection issue turned out to be a network peak somewhere a long the line, apparently it was pulling every single inkling of bandwith allocated to the console area, hence the problems.

    It also delayed the stream by a hour, trying to fill up that time was a real pain in the ass.
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    JimBoWido1 ULTIMAX

    the stream was laggy this event but the commentating was good if you mean that
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    FerLuff illest

    Wait so you want to leave headsets on yet not allow people to 3rd person. That is even harder to police than the old rule. Just allow people to use 3rd person to their advantage, MLG do it, it works if both teams do it.
  21. Offline

    vznwonder Well-Known Member

    What about the rest then

    Overall i think you should be aloud to do what MLG does now where you can third person your team m8s and communicate even when you are dead as it is too hard to control and watch. I had the same problem at reflex also against Mythix and other teams where people call out for a good 5 seconds after you have killed them
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    C LocA Well-Known Member

    @Mellow got seeded 9th and came 9th, had 1 week practice.
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    Legend Well-Known Member

    As much as I don't think 3rd personing takes any skill, this is the only option that is fair to all teams.

    If you make people put headsets/controllers down then people will forget or deliberately try to defy this rule, which isn't fair.
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    DIZZ Well-Known Member

    your cvonnection
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    TazerBro Glasgow Rangers

    What happened to xpx ?
    (i recently came back to de)