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[RGT8] Final Placements

Discussion in 'ReflexGT8' started by Emotion, Mar 11, 2012.

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    Docko $$$$

    I Think We Can All Confirm DareDevil Is Just The Best Player In History
    #DD nation
    DD for mvp
    and in the stream chat you wouldn't shut up about him.
    Why don't you go ask him if you can suck his ****.

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    GENERIC @genericeu

    I thought it was pretty funny the way your tongue was up his ass like
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    Mexi @eXp_Mexi

    EGL is just round the corner now!
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    Archieee B.I.G

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    Tuna Well-Known Member

    gratz on not finishing last big arch
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    AssassiN InS Well-Known Member

    So happy Pain didn't do well. The spanish community make the stream chat so awkward!
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    ratm Member

    So happy for pMp 6th place, they're still improving and in the next lan they will do even better! #pMpNation
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    Blackk Curse

    Strong connection
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    I7ec cool

    apeX apeX final EGL5
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    0toMan Well-Known Member

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    ShAnE eat your nan

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    Swish Active Member

    Well Played Dragons! Also obviously well played yet again to apeX :)
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    Blackk Curse

    well played sir
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    Meakin VAZZLE <3

    congratz 2 apex :d
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    McGee @myp_McGee

    Well that considers who you think is a top team imo but yh reflex only full top team was wW i think ?
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    Armo Well-Known Member

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    Busby Diligence

    that's why I put top team in '' :)
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    ReL 5% off SCUF: "VPBROS"

    I thought MVP should have been Gotaga/Torres/T1

    @Momo is gonna hate me for saying it but I would have personally gone for Torres
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    Nomad Well-Known Member


    Torres always looked trhe best player for Dragons, was constantly putting up the numbers and coming through when it mattered. Don't think any of apeX should be singled out as MVP a they just played well as a unit, no 1 player shone through.
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    Blackk Curse

    and eps
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    have to say that pmp did not look good against us...but maybe a clash of play styles or something.
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    Lyle Nemesis

    torres, monksy, swanny stood out to me.

    the mvp award is taken so lightly nowadays, maybe because they've stopped dishing out prizes for it since ecl1 with vapez?
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    ratm Member

    It was their first lan, i think that's not strange that they played some games under expectations, they're still improving as a team.
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    i guess so, i am just surprised that the top teams struggled so much against them
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    ratm Member

    I think it was alla decided by the circumnstances in which tha matches were played: they played against you and your team when they had just lost in a close game, so maybe they were just upset and they played worse than usual. And I could say the opposite when they won against Epsylon and Links, but these are just my thoughts ;)