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RGT6 Interview with LLL BattleKing

Discussion in 'ReflexGT6' started by Mellow, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Hietanen Vice-Admiral of the Coast

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    broonicus1 Well-Known Member

    love you bk
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    Apache Heavy Hitter

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    DeFex Well-Known Member

    <3 Have to speak to you soon bro!
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    BattleKinG Believing is Achieving ©

    Love you too Broonicus <3
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    vznwonder Well-Known Member

    DID ANYBODY ELSE READ THAT loooooooooooooool
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    BattleKinG Believing is Achieving ©

    We both know it's true Jemelle now sstt and get on my level.
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    quirkzLAH Active Member

    Nice interview!
    @BattleKinG You need to upload more on your youtube mate. I enjoy watching your play style...
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    DNA Breadbrah

    our team will be uploading more soon just waiting on intro/outro of LLL
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    BattleKinG Believing is Achieving ©

    Thanks will probably be uploading the matches vs Infinitio, Foreign.X and XPX. Already have CTF Hardhat vs Infinitio ready to be uploaded.
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    ajcafernandes David Randall Blythe

    a gentleman, nice to met him at reflexGT6!
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