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RGT6 Interview with Foreign Macca

Discussion in 'ReflexGT6' started by Mellow, Dec 10, 2011.

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    Mellow @MellowLive

    Once again we have a member of Foreign in the hot seat and this time it's Adam 'Macca' McNeill. ReflexGT6 is Adam's forth Reflex event and each time he has attended with a completely different line up. This time around he finds himself representing the Foreign organisation, teaming with Phil 'Momo' Whitfield in the Foreign.X squad, widely regarded as the Foreign 2nd team. Macca took the time out to let us know how Reflex was treating him so far.

    Decerto: Another day, another Reflex, how's it feel to be back in Weesp, Macca?

    Good to be honest, love Amsterdam.

    Decerto: Been up to any extra curricular activities again this time around?

    Not yet only arrived here on saturday morning so havent been up to anything, but we'll see (laughs).

    Decerto: This time around you're a member of Foreign.X. How's the team looking right now?

    Strong, we won our first two group games 2-0 and then went on to the winner bracket and won 3-0, but unfortunately we have just lost to the main Foreign team 3-1.

    Decerto: How did the match against Foreign go? Were you confident going into the match or were you already resigned to defeat?

    We had confidence after our first 3 wins and how we were performing but in the end the man Foreign team were more prepared and set up than us

    Decerto: Do the other Foreign team have what it takes to win the event?
    I would say yes but I think there's a few other team such as apeX and Lekker that could win this event.

    Decerto: Who have you guys got next?

    I'm unsure but I think if apeX.GER win their next game or 2 then we might be playing them, not 100% though.

    Decerto: What are your predictions for your team for the rest of the tournament?

    I'm hoping for at least top 8 and i think we can achieve this so any higher than 8th we would be happy with considering we haven't put as much practice in as we wanted.

    Decerto: Who has been the top performer for you guys so far?

    I couldn't name just one of us as we have all played well up to now.

    Decerto: How is Modern Warfare 3 performing on LAN at ReflexGT6?

    To be honest, I don't enjoy the game at all online but so far I'm enjoying it on LAN as it's playing well.

    Decerto: What about Reflex itself. How's the organisation and format compare to previous Reflex events? Has the increase in numbers caused any problems?

    The event itself is running smoothly and i don't think its behind too far, I think around 30 teams are here but it's still going strong, especially as we are playing group stages here.

    Decerto: Thanks Macca, any shout outs to wrap up the interview?

    Shout outs to Toobez, the NN boys, Team Foreign and its sponsors and anyone else I speak to; too many to name

    Foreign.X now find themselves in the lower bracket of the RGT6 tournament. You can follow their progress through the rest of the tournament, as well as coverage on all the other attendees at ReflexGT6 here on Decerto.

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