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ReflexGT6 Good LAN/Bad LAN

Discussion in 'ReflexGT6' started by Mellow, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Fariko Brainiac Fariko Founder

    be glad, we got it, lost horribly, T1 didn't prepare it. ingame quote T1 "is laying on top of the trains a good thing?" :S
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    Fariko Brainiac Fariko Founder

    no worries, me being principal mannered does put me in the hot spot of the kitchen. I think i have strong back to take some waves of hate.. beleive it or not, but i do understand the anger some people have... i just hope they get it in the end.
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    Superhero Well-Known Member

    Nice one. Just sayin I didnt use Juiced as my and torres checked it and i had hallow points on every class
    So the people who says that is blind to be fair.

    <3 @Mohog for Turning torres on @bootleg :D
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    Superhero Well-Known Member

    Oh and btw Just say Fariko.Svejans and not Fariko Looks like the whole fariko isnt sportmanship.
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    i do understand rules are rules and respect you as a manager for your own team but it really but other teams in a akward spot and messed things up big time. however i do respect you for what you did.

    Good to see so many fariko teams attending as good for community
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    Shizzle HOVA.

    One of you was using Juiced go look at the VOD's of the stream.
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    BattleKinG Believing is Achieving ©

    So what youre saying is we can actually use what ever because you have sportsmanship. Rules are Rules don't follow them and forfeit.
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    No, because it wasn't a case of that. Do you guys seriously have the inability to tell when something will and won't affect the outcome of a game? Obviously it would be quite a challenge to convince you, so I won't bother. Continue to do what you want at RGT, whilst EGL uses sportsmanship and common sense.
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    vznwonder Well-Known Member

    riddlez u fucking **** youuuuuuuuuuuuuuur shit now fuck off
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    Fariko Brainiac Fariko Founder

    don't forget the refs were all Fariko as well, except Vandal ;)
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    Superhero Well-Known Member

    Fair enough but why should someone say something about that? we never hated/sayed something at the Rules We are just in fariko. so leave it to their team not by ours. just sayin no hatin.
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    Mellow @MellowLive

    To be fair, that's not true Jack. If I was in Xorta's situation I'd have made the same call. I'd have advised Fariko that I didn't think it mattered/I don't think it's worth taking the forfeit but yeah, ultimately they would have forfeited even at EGL if that was really what Fariko wanted because it was their right after Foreign used what is technically a banned weapon. Just like Techman's team had to forfeit a round at EGL when he pulled a Semtex out even though he threw it out the map. It was a goof on the part of Foreign and Fariko perhaps should have been sporting but you cannot enforce sportsmanship.
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    WannaB Sickening.com

    Yh we saw that when mythix won ECL...
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    Guess I would have to see it to believe it, I doubt you would do that in an important game. Maybe a round for SnD yes, but not a whole map.
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    Jaay2o Active Member

    Further explanation for the unawares?..
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    Mellow @MellowLive

    I would because otherwise the whole thing would be a nightmare. You can't start picking and choosing when to enforce rules. If we start doing that then where do we draw the line? We need to re-assess what we've got so that people know the consequence so we don't have a repeat of what happened here and to some extent, at EGL4 all over again.

    From an organisation manager point of view, I wouldn't have taken the map because I believe the best team should win. I'd have maybe spoken to Foreign afterwards and said that it was unprofessional to do that, considering we want to boost LAN attendance, not turn people away by mocking them in game. Still, for Xorta when it comes down to it you can't force someone to be sporting.
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    Whatever the case, what Braniac suggested where the introduction of a rule about game outcome could come into play was a good idea.
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    woolvinho ZEUS

    Bring A_Spec to the next EGL!
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    troll o lo lo lo lolo lolo l

    #Never lost to fariko and never will :p
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    Thing is monks could have brought out a normal sniper and mocked them for the whole game and still won . they won 2 maps in the tourny and one was by going Gamebattles style on them and being scrubby. still placed last lol
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    MadZ Well-Known Member

    Bluefran's 3v1 was the highlight
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    Cammy. Well-Known Member

    Nice read there, and think it sums the weekend up.
    And stream music was banging!
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    envidia Narnia

    why didnt you just put that in the one you posted 7 mins before this? trying to boost your posts? bless
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    Jakeukpfc Well-Known Member

    It was our fault we used snipers with extended mags, you can't blame people for enforcing rules. We went into the match knowing whether or not we lost meant nothing so there was no thought on things that could go wrong, but it was hardly disrespectful. If anything it was more respectful of us to keep the score at 6-0 rather than keep playing properly so we ended up winning 12-0 or something and destroyed their team mentality.
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    WannaB Sickening.com

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