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ReflexGT6 Good LAN/Bad LAN

Discussion in 'ReflexGT6' started by Mellow, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Legend Well-Known Member

    Bad Lan: RoughNeX
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    edge @edgecvb

    Good LAN : Namso and XPX, sound lads funny sunday night
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    bluefran bluefLAN.

    Mention riddlez too, seriously, he has one of the best type95 accuracy I've seen.
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    Zonda Well-Known Member

    <3 Good LAN Bad LAN
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    Mellow @MellowLive

    There's numerous other articles that were produced from this event. This was just one of them.
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    T Well-Known Member

    Zak played absolutely sick at this event, some of the 2/3 pieces he got saved us to be honest.
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    Zonda Well-Known Member

    @Mellow Good LAN/Bad LAN is like a tradition?
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    bluefran bluefLAN.

    Man, on the ctf matches we played against you, I just wanted do get up and smack zak and gotaga for some of the 3pieces they did to win yourselves the match as you said.
    imad :(
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    Fariko Braniac ruined the whole tournament for about 6 teams
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    BAIDER Well Known Member

    @Xorta @UniKz will the next Reflex be triple elimination like in the past or groups again?
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    BattleKinG Believing is Achieving ©

    Reflex has something EGL will never ever get which is legal weed + hookers.
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    C LocA Well-Known Member

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    C LocA Well-Known Member

    Why xD ?
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    ajcafernandes David Randall Blythe

    what happened momo? :S
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    BattleKinG Believing is Achieving ©

    No he didn't foreign lost SnD they should of won that with ease. Since the DE rule for SnD is it's all about individual skill and all foreign players > Fariko.svejans players. Foreign should of won SnD but they didn't because of lack of luck or w/e. Stop blamming Brainiac.

    I know it sucked to play against Foreign and then knew you where going to get knocked out because you had the almighty Lions waiting to tear you apart.
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    Crooky Well-Known Member

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    Basically Foreign played Fariko sjevanosos (or something) and was winning 7-0 CTF so monksey pulled out a sniper with extended mags about 10 seconds left and killed someone ... Big EGG HEAD made them forfiet meaning Team Foreign finished 2nd in group which basically ruined apeX Germany, Foreign X and about 3/4 other LAN Teams.

    Foreign then went onto play #1 of one group (apex ger) and #1 of another group (foreign.x)
    Basically teams like Team Babas who came 2nd in there group were benifited s they would have played foreign instead of us and apeX germany (@tapout) we beat with ease 3-0 came top 8

    @Mellow - BAD LAN - Braniac
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    Should not have even played against you , fair play Battleking you played sick and congrats on your placement (your team deserved it IMO) <3 but he ruined our placement..

    apeX Germany beat Yin in group stages and should have played RnX instead of foreign.

    anyway events over and im ranting

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    C LocA Well-Known Member

    Next month new chance :)
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    BAIDER Well Known Member

    Team Baba >
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    Naylad Well-Known Member

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    Beating K1ng so easily never felt so good but getting outplaced by k1ng never felt so bad :)
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    BAIDER Well Known Member

    @K1nGx is the worst, @Namso is the best.
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    was ezxp at the end of the day .. as i said they got 7th and we got 9th due to Fariko EGG HEAD
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    Tunn I talk about CoD

    Where's my section, -104 last time and carried my team to (sort of ish)glory this time, I'm dissapoint.
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