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Optic Gaming House..

Discussion in 'eSports Discussion' started by Sheepy-, May 31, 2013.

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    Sheepy- Well-Known Member


    Unaware if any other CoD teams have done it in the past, Either way, Big news for the scene

    if someones already posted just link and delete this thread, thanks
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    eLiXiTzL Well-Known Member

    Nadeshots rooms gonna be like a smackheads den with needles everywhere
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    Jarman Well-Known Member

    I think nV have a gaming house. Not sure how this'll work tbh, are they renting it out over the summer while they don't have school or college? Surely Merk/BigT/Scump won't be able to live there come September.
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    pwR Dynasty

    Merk and BigT are taking online classes for a bit, then Scump is going college in a year.
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    Cammy_DE Stability

    holy shit
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    Mattt Well-Known Member

    go on crooks
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    ELLD Well-Known Member

    Why won't they be able to live their with college? Surely it'll be the same way they're living now just in a new house?
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    XLNC twitch.tv/xlnc

    Because unfortunately their house doesn't take the geographical space of 4 states. They all live in different cities/go to different colleges...
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    ELLD Well-Known Member

    oh right fair enough, its a good idea for them tho tbh
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    ZivaH Panthera Gaming Founder

    This is so sick! hope to see this kind of gaming houses more in the future..
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    XCALiba Loyal

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    Tommyy™ Active Member

    Envyus have a team house, and FeaR do also. There will be another announcement about a team house throughout this year ;)
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    Zebra BasedGOD

    Vertexlabs gaming house ;):eek::rolleyes:
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    Tommyy™ Active Member

    naw sir you'll see
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    Teek Teek F/R

    Looks cool, i wonder what it looks like inside. :D
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    Sheepy- Well-Known Member

    no pool no care, EG's house>
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    Planet 1 Im coming @ you bro.

    You joking? The curse house is a mansion, could get lost its that huge
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    Hodgy UTTU

    Lol'd at the fact these guys are calling themselves 'athletes' now , yes technically they are but surely its taking things a little too far when the actually physical exercise is bare minimum i.e. the moving of fingers/thumbs. Also would be cool living in a house with all your friends/work colleagues but would soon get sick of them after about a month or two. Nice house tho
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    Sheepy- Well-Known Member

    Is there a tour video?
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    Planet 1 Im coming @ you bro.

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    Hodgy UTTU

    that full mirror bathroom is tacky as fuck, sharing a room with another guy when your like 20-21 . no thanks jeff
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    Planet 1 Im coming @ you bro.

    I highly doubt they're complaining about living there lmao
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    rohan! original pirate material

    don't really understand how this is 'big news for scene', house looks nice though.
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    Joezki 3x Mr.Decerto

    seems cool, i remember when Str8 Rippin did it years ago, their house was sick.
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    CooKiee TC

    they dont live there any more