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[MLG Dallas] MLG Dallas 2013 Updates Thread

Discussion in 'Call of Duty Championship EU & NA (MLG)' started by AssassuN., Mar 15, 2013.

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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member


    While Germany plays host to the European leg of the Call of Duty Championships this weekend, MLG will host the North American Championships as part of their first Call of Duty tournament since the original Black Ops. Not only are the best North American teams in attendance but the event has broken the record for the largest Call of Duty attendance ever.

    How will the teams cope on the big day? Can Optic retain their title of the best Call of Duty team in the world? Will the online tournament seeding process effect the final results? Can the teams handle the split screen stages early on? All we know is that this weekend is going to be an absolute thriller.

    We've enlisted the help of @AssassuN to bring you up to date content over this weekend. You can follow him on Twitter here: HERE

    It's worth noting that the time difference between the UK and Dallas is -5 Hours (e.g. when it's 6PM for us it's 1PM for them).

    Schedule: HERE
    Brackets: OPEN / Championship
    Stream: HERE
    All Streams: HERE
    Subscribe to MLG Stream: HERE
    Event Format: HERE
    VOD's: HERE

    Sunday's Schedule:


    Major Updates:
    Day 1:

    • The tournament is underway
    • Curse, Storm and Donut Shop advance in the Championship Bracket WB1
    • UK team, Nemesis, lose 2-1 in their first match
    • Envy Us, Complexity, Optic Gaming and Quantic all win their first Open Bracket Games
    • Obey lose their second game 2-0 to the 142nd seeded, High Hopes
    • On main stage FeaR take down HeXp in a 3-2 series finishing on Raid SnD
    • Complexity 2-0 the 2011 National Champions NexT-Threat in the open bracket
    • Envy Us progress in the open bracket taking out Twisted Method 2-0.
    • Envy Us beat Complexity 2-0 in comfortable fashion in open bracket WBR5.
    • Optic advance to the championship bracket after winning 2-0 against High Hopes in WBR6.
    • Envy Us advance to the championship bracket after beating OutBreak 2-1.
    • Quantic lose in WBR6 and drop to the losers bracket after losing 2-1 to Faze, who advance to the championship bracket.
    • Hysteria overcome Impulse and complete the quartet of teams advancing from the open bracket to the championship bracket
    • Close of play for the night

    Day 2:
    Day 2 is underway
    • vVv take down Faze in a very close series 3-0.
    • UNiTE take down HYSTERIA 3-0 in a pretty one sided series.
    • OpTic take down Icons.Blue the last minute pickup team in a surprisingly close series 3-1.
    • Fariko.Impact destroy nV and knock them down into the losers bracket, will nV be able to recover from this ?
    • vVv knocks Curse down to the losers bracket and bags a place in the COD championships
    • UNiTE knock FeaR into the losers bracket and earn themselves a guaranteed T6 placement as well as a place in the Call of duty championships
    • OpTic Gaming defeat DonutShop and advance futher into the winner bracket. Guaranteeing themselves T6 and a place in the COD Championships
    Fariko.Impact defeat Storm in a dominant fashion, guaranteeing themselves T6 and a place in the COD championships.
    • Fariko.Impact Defeat vVv 3-0 and guarantee themselves a T3 Placement
    • UNiTE Cause a huge upset and knock OpTiC Gaming down to the losers bracket, winning 3-0 and guaranteeing themselves a T3 placement.
    • Close of play for the night

    Day 3:
    • Day 3 begins.
    • nV knock SoaR out of the tournament and bag themselves a place in the COD Championships.
    • Complexity beat optic in a very tight series winning 3-1 knocking OpTic out of the tournament.
    • vVv beat nV to knock them out of the tournament and give them a guaranteed 5th place.
    • vVv Knock Complexity out of the tournament and move on to the T3.
    • Fariko knock UNiTE down to the losers bracket finals but not without a fight. They dropped their first map of the tournament.
    • UNiTE Take out vVv and head on to the finals!
    • Fariko win the Grand finals 6-2 against UNiTE and take home 20,000 dollars.
    • The tournament closes.
    Final Placements
    1st Fariko.Impact
    2nd UNiTE
    3rd vVv
    4th Complexity
    5-6th EnvyUs / OpTiC Gaming
    7-8th Elgato SoaR / Quantic Gaming
    9-12th Curse / Storm / FeaR / Donutshop
    13-16th HeXp / Icons Blue / Faze / Prime Example

    UNiTE's Reaction to beating OpTiC gaming

    Interview with Tuquick and Teepee

    Please follow us on Twitter for the latest news, articles and media!

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    MRTN Martz

    Good stuff Luke.
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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member

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    Fragster WHPH

    Open Bracket Round 1 OpTic vs EnVy. Aight.
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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member

    The open bracket hasn't even been made yet. Signups are still in progress.
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    Naylad Well-Known Member

    time do games start?
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    Conahhh Well-Known Member

    Nadeshot said its a rumor
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    Conahhh Well-Known Member

    10PM i think
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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member


    For anyone interested it'll be the final 3 rounds of the open bracket streamed tonight.
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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member

    Tonights Schedule
    17:00 = 10PM UK Time
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    FuryGB Well-Known-Warrior

    games start at 11:30 don't they not ? its dallas time 6 hours ahead
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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member

    Texas is only 5 hours behind.
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    TStokes @eNigma_Stokes

    Ok for some reason I had you on ignore, but I like this good stuff.
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    TheWarrior .

    Stream starts at 6pm, 11pm our time.
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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member

    Updated OP with brackets.
    Open + Championship.

    Ill update the thread as much as i can and let you know when its live.
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    Doodlee @eQ_Doodlee

    @AssassuN you actually at the event then?
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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member

    No, lol
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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member

    Any links that you would like me to include in the thread, PM me on here.
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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member

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    FuryGB Well-Known-Warrior

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    FuryGB Well-Known-Warrior

    @AssassuN is there and other twitch channels livestreaming like MLGLive or is that LoL and starcraft ?
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    Conahhh Well-Known Member

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    TheWarrior .

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    Mellow @MellowLive

    Impressed with the thread. Made a few edits and changed the forum section. This will now be our go to place for all things MLG this weekend.
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    FerLuff illest

    Definitely an interesting start to the event, I was expecting Col to romp nV but Teepee had a bit of a mare. Excited to see some of the matchups the rest of the weekend.
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