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MADCATZ cheap alternative for a "scuf" controller.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lime., Aug 16, 2012.

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    Lime. Active Member

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    Lime. Active Member

    I Like It but just looks..... ugly and bulky... might be worth a try
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    DNA Breadbrah

    Controller is shit
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    Lime. Active Member

    wouldn't say its shit.... its better than what they usually produce
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    Doudou #Atmozlife

    How can you know when you haven't even tried it?
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    DNA Breadbrah

    Has a massive delay and some other problems. There was a chancr we had to play with them controllers back in LLL so did some research back then
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    Deejay Atheist

    Madcatz' controllers are always awful
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    Lime. Active Member

    Well they usually just produce normal standard controllers. I meant to say it "looks" better than what they usually produce but whatever. This to me does look better though ? they know there is a market for this sort of controller. The pro players won't buy it because of the "scuf" but at a cheap price this is worth a try for the players wanting to step up.
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    Lime. Active Member

    Fair enough mate :) Didn't realize you had actually used it !
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    Nomad Well-Known Member

    It's probably one of the worst controllers i've used. Do not get one
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