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LiNK Gaming P2P Tournament

Discussion in 'MW3 EU Tournaments' started by RobaaH, Feb 24, 2012.

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    RobaaH EGL Staff

    Welcome to LiNK Gaming’s first ever Pay2Play tournament. We are expanding upon our already popular fun and night cup variants and creating a tournament for you guys with real prizes. The prize pool will stand at a huge £620 if all 32 team tickets are sold (which could even be extended, if the demand is there). This results in a pay-out structure of:

    1st Place - £275
    2nd Place - £175
    3rd Place - £100
    4th Place - £50

    The way this tournament will be run is with eight groups of four teams, you will play all three other opponents in your group once in a best of five series. The top two teams from each group will progress into the ‘Pro’ bracket, with the chance of winning the above prizes. The bottom two teams of each group will progress into the ‘Amateur’ bracket, with the chance of winning your £20 stake back. Both brackets will be double elimination, meaning you are guaranteed to play 5 matches, even if you lose them all.

    To sign up you must register your four man roster on the LiNK cups site HERE.

    You must then add sam.cunningham1 on skype who will talk you through the payment process for your team. If you have any other questions, please add therobaah on skype, or any other member of the LiNK Cups team.

    Please Note: The deadline for sign-ups is the 5th of March, any teams wishing to sign-up past this date will not be entered into the tournament so please get everything sorted ASAP.

    As we progress through the tournament, we will be bringing you the best match ups via our live stream, available HERE. Commentating will be our very own Oliver 'ReL' Whitfield along with other guests, including the IcoNs player John 'RevaN' Boble.

    - All NA teams only get to host the 1 map out of the 5 as this is an EU tournament.

    Paid Teams (32)

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    (groups have now been finished)



    WB Round 1: Sunday 22nd April
    LB Round 1: Wednesday 2nd May
    WB Round 2: Wednesday 2nd May
    LB Round 2: Sunday 6th May
    WB Round 3: Sunday 6th May
    LB Round 3: Wednesday 9th May
    WB Round 4 Wednesday 9th May
    LB Round 4 Sunday 13th May
    Semi Final 20th May
    LB Semi final 27th May
    LB Final 30th May
    Grand Final 3rd June

    To report scores go on your team page and click the matches button which looks like this: [IMG]
    If you want your game streamed and commentated on, or you have any other issues then please contact me on Skype (therobaah).

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    Reuben Well-Known Member

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    Archieee B.I.G

    its only a 5r each you cheap ***s
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    JayBick .....

    as if you will even enter so dont call me a cheap **** :)
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    Reuben Well-Known Member

    Allow u
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    Archieee B.I.G

    someone will enter i will play and give them money you melt
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    Busby Diligence

    good stuff. ;) look forward to same sweaty games
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    JayBick .....

    if you say so
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    loukas @loukas_

    are you for real? you'll pay £200 to attend a LAN event and lose every game, but bitch about a tournament set up to help you out!?!
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    JayBick .....

    i really dont care but would you rather not get more teams if you had price at 15 i dont care about lan went with pick up team was that or spec so
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    Swiftyy94 Well-Known Member

    entering this :p
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    loukas @loukas_

    if it were £15 that would mean each player would have to put in £3.75.. so that's a grand saving of £1.25 to each player, plus would make the prize pool 25% smaller, so instead of a first prize of £275 you would have a first prize of £206.26...

    for the sake of £1.25 it makes a big difference. now be gone you cretin.
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    XTC @Josh_XTC

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    JayBick .....

    im gona pay it because ive got a team so bye
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    taylor! Well-Known Member

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    XTC @Josh_XTC

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    Carbon Carbon is iNControl

    As a moderator, you really shouldn't be calling people Cretin's.
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    D-fianT @DecertoDefianT

    He's not a moderator, he's content but I do agree.

    Also there was no need for the apostrophe, unless Cretin owns the full stop at the end ;)
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    JRH Free the mind!

    Why is he making a fuss tho if he is entering anyway?
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    Carbon Carbon is iNControl

    And thats why I'm not either roles :p

    I think he was giving his opinion, tag him not me :L
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    0toMan Well-Known Member

    Let's be honest here, ante is fucking shite compared to link
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    Its Miracle @AwG_Miracle

    will be entering
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    XTCLegend XTC-Esports

    Everyone needs to chill out abit in here

    Either enter or dont simple as that

    XTC.eSports will be signed up soon
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    loukas @loukas_

    good luck in the tournament
    I can call anyone a cretin if i want to, especially as his point was completely invalid. I'm not a moderator either, and my language isn't bad at all; the censors were removed for a reason.
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    TCM_Joshh TCM-Gaming - @TCM_Joshh

    XTC are entered, get singed up people!
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