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[i45] Interview with Nikz and Legend

Discussion in 'Multiplay i45' started by Mellow, May 4, 2012.

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    Mellow @MellowLive


    With the groups still in the early stages, we took the opportunity to catch up with one of the dark horses of the event, Team eNigma. Coming into the event, the team look set to be among the top five places. We briefly discussed their iSeries experience so far and the start of their tournament.

    The following interview was recorded and then transcribed.

    I'm joined here with Nikz and Legend at the i45 event in Telford. So guys, is this your first iSeries event

    Nikz: Yes

    Legend: Yes

    What do you think to the event so far?

    Nikz: It's really impressive the whole set up. The stations, the food, all the fun areas that they offer, everything is going well so far. It's really impressive.

    Legend: It's incredibly really, compared to Reflex and EGL, there's just everything really. It's just huge. The first game went really well as well.

    How did the first game go?

    Nikz: We won the first map 12-0, we won the SnD 4-0, and had to play the third map anyway which we won 9-1.

    How do you think the rest of the groups will go?

    Legend: I think they'll go OK. We've got a higher seeded team next in Skitlite but we're confident enough we can go through the groups without losing.

    What are your Predictions for the rest of the tournament?

    Legend: I think that MythiX or pMp will go on to win it. I think MythiX in particular are a very strong team. As for us, I don't really know, I've heard that we might be in for a difficult bracket and if it's single elimination you never know. There should be some upsets.

    What about you Nikz, what are you thinking?

    Nikz: To win the event probably Prophecy, there's a few good pick up teams coming, and of course most of the teams are basically pick up teams made after EGL with Prophecy being the one of the only good teams remaining. I think it'll depend on the brackets but we'll see.

    Finally, do you think XLNC looks stupid in his Call of Duty XP top?

    Legend: Yeah, they look absolutely ridiculous. They should not have been allowed out wearing that.

    Nikz: Yeah he's just trying to brag isn't he.

    You can follow and all the teams competing at i45 here on Decerto. You can find all our coverage over the weekend on the following link:
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    Superhero Well-Known Member

    Finally, do you think XLNC looks stupid in his Call of Duty XP top?
    -He always looks stupid @XLNC @XLNC @XLNC
    i just dont get it why people says that other teams gonna win it instead of yourself. Why u going then? getting top 10 Well done. Everyone aiming for 1st place well dont say someone else gonna with it. keep confident high xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxT1
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    TCM Swizz Well-Known Member

    Chris were is my interview mate, im in the TCM booth come round :D
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    Lyle Nemesis

    it's called being REALISTIC.
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    FerLuff illest

    Some people are just far more realistic than you. 90% of the community should know they are never going to win an event.

    EDIT: Lyle beat me to it.
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    Superhero Well-Known Member

    i bet 100.000 on if this team is in the finals. they gonna say the gonna win lol. Or Also? if u in the finals u saying other team is gonna win? no right? so get off me realistic muppet
    No need to shout at me son.
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    xqk Active Member

    Whats the point in gonig if your not gonig to win
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    Superhero Well-Known Member

    Well atleast TRY to win. and say u gonna win. its gives a better feeling to your teammates and yourself :d
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    xqk Active Member

    Ye i know what you mean, lets go to an event and aim for top24 and make up the numbers... ye no.
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    ratm Member

    Always aim to be the best! :D
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    TStokes @eNigma_Stokes

    If everyone had this mentality they'd get 4/5 team LANs
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    Paul- Well-Known Member

    Have you actually won an event or was your born with an ego ?
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    xqk Active Member

    or the competition would be alot better
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    TStokes @eNigma_Stokes

    your skill level doesn't improve when you think you are going to win an event lol
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    xqk Active Member

    didn't say it did but people won't be just turning up to place top 32/24 and thinking WOW! we finished top 24, like really what kind of achievement is that?
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    ALISTAlR Well-Known Member

    "He's just trying to brag"

    Pretty sure i'd be bragging if I won as much money as he did.
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    TStokes @eNigma_Stokes

    There is delusion and there is reality.
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    Conzo Well-Known Member

    That is not what he is trying to say, you are more likely to win going in with a good mentality than expecting to lose. Even though most teams are never going to win it isn't a bad thing going into each game thinking they have a good chance of beating the opponent
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    TStokes @eNigma_Stokes

    no he's saying there is no point going to an event if you don't expect to win it.
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    Superhero Well-Known Member

    both. i dont have an ego. what has confident to do with ego?
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    Conzo Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean haha, he could have phrased it slightly differently. Better to go into an event having a positive mindset instead of expecting the worse though lol
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    xqk Active Member

    ye i should of phrased it different, i understand where @TStokes is comnig from but personally i would never go to an event expecting anything eles but to win (I would never win an event but its not the point) and thats what @Superhero was saying aswell.
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    TStokes @eNigma_Stokes

    Yeah confidence is key obviously, but some people are never gonna come close to winning but enjoy playing at LAN.
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    FerLuff illest

    What's the point of being on a LAN website if you're never going to go. LAN is a social thing aswell as a competition.

    In response to you @Superhero , I have no idea what you mean, please make it clearer. I think some people are more realistic than you. The way you say you are the best and that you're always going to win makes you a laughing stock.
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    woodybruv Active Member

    T H C Woodybruv