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Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition: Tutorial and Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by KLV, Nov 13, 2011.

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    KLV Well-Known Member

    From Gamebattles up to LAN events, players want to record their gameplay for a number of reasons. Hauppauge are arguably a market leader in this department, creating a device that is able to record console games, in high definition. The HD PVR has been a necessity for any gamers setup, be it for capturing those dirty disputers or for creating a work of art, the PVR is most likely the driving force for the majority of HD videos on Youtube.

    A couple of months ago, Hauppauge launched their second version of the PVR, The Gaming Edition. Unlike its older brother, The Gaming Edition is purpose built for recording Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. As a result of this it comes with a component cable that can slot into your Xbox or Playstation, make it much easier to use than the original. We decided to give it a test run to see if it was worth changing over or buying fresh if you didn't have one already.

    Looks wise The Gaming Edition has had a paintjob and comes in jet black this time round, compared to the grey of the previous version it's now something to put on show rather than hide away. They've also changed the light around the top that emits a stealthy green, a slight change from blue it used to have.


    It comes with two sets of component cables with one set having component cables at both ends. One end will plug into the top row on the back of the PVR and then into the back of your television. The second cable will have component cables at one end and at the other it has three different cables. One slots into the component slot in the back of your Xbox 360. The other two are for Playstation 3. It allows for much easier setup this way. Not to mention it'll now record 1080i through your PC with no lag, something the previous edition didn't do all too well in our experience.


    Arcsoft Showbiz

    The Gaming Edition comes with a program called Arcsoft Showbiz. It allows you to capture, edit and produce content and upload directly to Youtube. For anyone who's new to editing this is probably going to save your life. The more complex editing programs that are made by Sony and Adobe and despite being expensive they are also not something you can pick up that quickly, so if you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on editing software, the Gaming PVR wins by far on that alone.



    There are a few question marks about the ability to stream games with a HD PVR original and Gaming Edition. With the PVR you cannot stream the image directly from the console, however this new software Arcsoft Showbiz helps you out. It shows a preview and live image of the screen you have to stream and the image on your computer rather than the image on your television. Below is a quick tutorial on how to stream with a HD PVR:

    1. There are numerous streaming programs on the internet. I use XSplit which currently has a free version. You can download Xsplit from http://www.xsplit.com/.
    2. Register and install XSplit.
    3.Load Arcsoft Showbiz and maximise the window for the largest preview image.
    4. Load XSplit and then click on Broadcast > Edit Channels
    5. It gives you a host of different streaming sites you can use. Sign up on one of them and then enter your credentials in XSplit.
    6. Make sure you have Showbiz and XSplit open. On XSplit go to File > Add Screen Region. Then select the four corners of the preview image on showbiz.
    7. On XSplit it should then give you the same preview image it has on Showbiz. That is what the stream will look like.
    8. To start streaming, click on Broadcast > Select your channel.

    If you have any questions about streaming feel free to post below and tag my username, @KLV .

    Final Thoughts

    Both PVRs are priced at 199 Euros; however on other websites such as Amazon the Gaming Edition is more expensive than the first edition. Is it worth the extra bit of money to buy? Definately. The gaming edition is a little easier to setup; however with experience with using the first edition I already knew what I needed to do. You get different software with the first edition and that doesn’t challenge Arcsoft Showbiz because it does it all. You can capture, edit, produce and upload all in one program whereas on the earlier edition you would have to use a different program to edit and then upload to Youtube.

    My verdict is that if you're going to buy a PVR and use it for gaming purposes then The Gaming Edition is the easy choice. The money you might save on the older edition would be quickly swallowed up by editing software, not to mention it's better looking, easier to hook up to your Xbox/PS3 and comes with more support.

    Check out the latest Google shopper price checker for The Gaming Edition HERE.

    Overall Verdict: 9/10 - Can't get much easier than this. Price is too high to make it 10/10.

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    KerrBearr xo \_/ Yeah, it's empty

    I was thinking about getting one tbh but I'm not sure I can be bothered faffing about with all the cables, plus it's pretty expensive. Good review though.
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    CazuaLL CazuaLLUK - Liam Biggs

    Nice one Kelv mate, gonna set mine up in my flat in a few days
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    Socro Member

    Don't think I will ever go back to a PVR, Blackmagic is just so much better if you have the right computer for it.
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    Delusion > <><

    Was thinking of getting one, might do now. Good write up @KLV
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    Targeted Active Member

    Should record in 720p instead of 1080i as the interlacing makes it look dodgy
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    Tuna Well-Known Member

    Had it for 2 weeks, was randomly stopping recording and black screening every now and again, eventually wouldn't even turn on. Sent it back to amazon and got a replacement pretty quickly, am sure it was just a dodgy model as my new one is fantastic, i use it with mac so if anyone needs any help setting it up on mac, don't hesitate to @ me. it's really simple.
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    ZlwR Pétain

    Is BMI still better?
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    Memxnto Well-Known Member

    - Great Write-up
    - A Black magic as @Socro says, makes the PVR look amateur.
    - The software, such as: Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects, can be very easily be attained using a simple code crack to unlock the trial version making it completely free and takes no more than 5 minutes to do. (Yes I am aware it is illegal but I have had both for nearly 2 years and nothing flags up due to it not being an online programme.)
    - Recording in 1080i makes a much larger, harder to work with file vs the previous 720 version with not a lot of Hand off in terms of quality. Especially when you can turn 720 into 1080 in Vegas and negate all negative effects such as added ghosting and blurring using simple tools.
    - Vegas is incredibly easy to use, infact I found it easier to use than Microsoft Movie Maker, and the hour or 2 you spend learning how to change everything (note: you templete EVERYTHING so next time you use the programme everything is preset for you) pays off with the quality of video you put out.

    Again Great write up but with the Black Magic on the market for £100-£150, dependant on where you buy from, the only reason to buy a Happauge is that you do not own a desktop computer.

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    Memxnto Well-Known Member

    read my last post ^^
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    Allan Derp

    if your computer can handle it, then yes
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    DETH0RNTON New Member

    I have the original one and I can honestly recommend it to you all its amazing quality and really easy to use. I have tryed many capture cards such as BlitzboxHD , Dazzle and a few of the cheaper versions. Even though it has more capability's than all of these capture cards it is by far more easier to use then all of these combined. The wires are really simple to set up. Must buy in my opinion if you want a external Capture device.
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    MrLOLsteveLOL Active Member

    I want one that can convert HDMI or VGA.... Since i got a new monitor i cant use my PVR :(
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    orixon Well-Known Member

    Just wondering was is the difference between this and the HD PVR model 1228?
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    Memxnto Well-Known Member

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    Willzz Active Member

    might be of use to someone but made this guide for eues users on how to stream the pvr with xsplit :)

    used this for egl4 and for when i stream online
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    DETH0RNTON New Member

    You can buy a HDMI converter off Amazon thats what I use with my Samsung Gaming monitor. Around £30-£40. Once again Very Simple to use.
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    JoeB Well-Known Member

    save your money love, no one wants to see a repeat of this horseshit

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    dopeZ Dopey*

    price ?
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    Tuna Well-Known Member

    are you that lazy that you can't look on amazon, google, hauppauge.co.uk.
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    Rifle. KERMIT

    @KLV Shouldn't this be under articles?
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    KLV Well-Known Member

    The articles section doesn't work at the moment.
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    Rifle. KERMIT

    Oh, nice write-up nonetheless :)
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    BattleKinG Believing is Achieving ©

    Great write up was temptate to buy 1 but the 180€ is still a bit to pricey for me.

    @iJamesss which BlackMagic are you talking about link?
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    quirkzLAH Active Member

    I wanna get one but its too expensive for me....