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Fraser Confesses

Discussion in 'Best of Off Topic' started by Emotion, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Emotion Administrator

    Click HERE to download.

    Please click spoiler below after you have listened;

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    JNA Lead UI/UX Designer & Co-Owner

    V strong bait
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    Zero Fade into Darkness

    lmfao, epic.
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    Hutch @ArcApparel

    someone explain, can't hear the clip for some reason..
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    JoeB Well-Known Member

    Literally hilarious, never laughed as much in that skype chat.
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    Limez Well-Known Member

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    The Raged Power of the Swarm

    omfg lol .
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    Toobez Timbo Slice

    hahah what a ledge
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    elmooo pickitpackitfireitup.

    seriously that was one of the funniest things ive ever seen lmao quality fras
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    ReaLiZe Well-Known Member

    Truest lad ever.
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    vapeZ F/A

    well in qG Pika
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    DanJ Well-Known Member

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    Jobaz Well-Known Member

    you hero fraser, ****ing legend
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    bezzaLAD Well-Known Member

    fraser your an idiot dont ruin your social life because of the red coloured nerds

    did lol abit tho
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    warpath Member

    this was absolutely hilarious
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    Emotion Administrator

    haha trust me, we didn't even have to persuade him. At one point we were saying stop and he wanted to do it more. He said it's ok, gaming comes before women.
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    Conorr Well-Known Member

    Deserves ''LAD'' status on Decerto for that lol
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    ▲▼▲ New Member

    is that is girlfriend? or whatttttttt
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    Wade Well-Known Member

    Haha anybody else think he was gonna confess to that lass in the gaming shirt being a boy? LOL
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    The Hef Well-Known Member

    Hahahahah, fraser your my hero!
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    Tunn I talk about CoD

    Literally, Lol'd through the whole thing, you ****ing hero, can I like touch you at LAN?
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    Solace. Well-Known Member

    lol big frazzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Wade Well-Known Member

    "I was baiting for Royalty, i love you, i miss you. I love Gavin."

    "You love Gavin?"

    "Yeah, i love Techman"

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    ReMoRz3 New Member

    loool ****ing legend funniest thing ive heard in timeee
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    OLZY Well-Known Member

    Teach me Laad.
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