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Flame Retardant Return

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dunc, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Dunc Haggis muncher

    When the PlayStation community migration to the competitive Xbox scene took place just under a year ago, Decerto was introduced to a large selection of players and teams that were looking for a new challenge. At the time there was much deliberation to just how much of an influence the new influx of new players may have on the scene. One team to do so were Flame Retardant, who took little time to establish themselves as one of the very best teams around.

    After the European Gaming League's ECL3 event in Loughborough, Flame Retardant unfortunately split as the lure of large organisations loomed over the team. It seems as if there is no keeping the PlayStation men apart however as today they have announced their reformation.

    Happier times ahead for Flux and Jake? As seen on the right representing Infused at EGL4

    The re-formed roster boasts a very similar line up to the team that stunned the community in Blackpool almost a year ago but with one change. Entering the team is none other than Alex 'Hammers' Scargill. Having briefly featured for Power Gaming and Next Century eSports his time on Xbox has been short, in comparison to years of PS3 dominance.

    Jake 'Jake' Dalton had the following to say;
    "I am very pleased to be a part of the new Flame Retardant roster. I was not necessarily planning to start playing again after my departure from Foreign but after this opportunity arose I thought it best to take it. Nevertheless I doubt we will be too active until before EGL5. It shouldn't be too difficult to get our team mentality going again and I'd say we're going to look for T3 finishes in all future competitions. Shout out to orgs seeing as FR are orgless for life"

    Flame Retardant MW3
    [IMG] Jake 'Jake' Dalton
    [IMG] Ryan 'Flux' Oldfield
    [IMG] Alex 'Hammers' Scargill
    [IMG] Richard 'Rich' Cook

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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    gl ****s
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    Jordizle support fam

    Won't finish t3 imo
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    Mayhxm Well-Known Member

    I reckon they could make T3 tbh, might play a bit too aggressive though which could be their weakness. Either way going to be a team to beat again.
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    ProjectMak Curse

    Will be good if they put the time in
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    gLiKe Well-Known Member

    will be a sick team, gl
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    Dezire Active Member

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    Renzoo Well-Known Member

    sick, hammers being back where he's supposed to be
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    DodgeBRAH MP5k >

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    El Nino Well-Known Member

    kind of homosexual, link were beginning to look good.
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    Very strong team, wich Rich the best of luck but IMO jake was better of in foreign as was by far a better team but good move for Flux and Hammers

    Good luck guys

    Love you @Rdc 93
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    ChieftainBart Use your brain...

    Teams being made by the hour, wonder who link are gonna be picking up for Rich....
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    MeLo @TEC_MeLo

    good luck guys
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    ReL 5% off SCUF: "VPBROS"

    Good luck fellas. Shame to see you go Rich but I'm sure FR will do well :) ...we're already pretty sure who will be playing in the LiNK squad but nothing is official yet ;)
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    DodgeBRAH MP5k >

    Its time ReL you stepping up to the squad mate?
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    Mattz If only...

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    eoghan-362 Active Member

    Will do very well
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    TheHatchetMan @TheHatchetManEU

    Glad to see FR back, got a team to fan boy once more :)
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    veXus Geeza Sexy Gamer

    A bit obvious how these are going to play, will do well but will be too aggressive for this game
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    MullerZ YMCMB

    Should be good if they put the time in. GL
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    Koopa Member

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    Monksymw2 Well-Known Member

    Good lineup, hope you get an org this time around. What lans are you attending?
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    SHARKS Buffalo Well-Known Member

    goodluck lads sick lineup
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    Reck7z Well-Known Member

    Good luck Rich pal.
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    Fizzz boi Well-Known Member

    Will be an absolute belter of a team, Jake and Rich best players on this game at the moment.
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