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[EU] New Seeds and Information for EGL5

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by YGB Jammy, Apr 3, 2012.

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    YGB Jammy YGB Gaming

    The countdown to the European Gaming League's 5th event is fully underway with just a few days remaining until doors open at the Norbeck Castle Hotel in Blackpool. The MW3 Xbox tournament alone will play host to around 80 teams as well as competitions for Halo Reach, Gears of War and MW3 on PS3.

    New information was released by EGL yesterday evening including a revised list of team seedings, showing that EGL has been listening to the community's suggestions and is striving to assign the most accurate seedings possible. Check out the important information if you are attending HERE.

    • EGL now sponsored by Doritos for Blackpool event, info on that HERE.
    • The EGL event schedule has also been released, find that HERE.
    • This bracket someone created under the title "EGL5 Seeds" is incorrect.
    Please remember, Decerto is not responsible for how the tournament has been seeded, please direct any feedback towards to the EGL team.

    EGL MW3 Xbox Seedings

    1st apeX.Pro
    2nd apeX.NA
    3rd Proph
    4th Western Wolves
    5th Fariko.Dragons
    6th TCM
    7th Flame Retardant
    8th MythiX
    9th LiNK
    10th Network
    11th Fariko.Nightmare
    12th eNigma
    13th pMp
    14th 3DMAX
    15th Imperial.Gold
    16th TBA (LukeJS's team)
    17th TEC
    18th Fariko.RedBar
    19th G8
    20th FUBAR
    21st Horizon
    22nd CANNON
    23rd YIN
    24th Giants
    25th Pain Gaming
    26th Apex.GER
    27th teamORANGE
    28th TEC.Invidia
    29th ePaR
    30th WCYD
    31st Infensus.dpX
    32nd ZEN
    33rd Boys with Guns
    34th Horizon.Sopranos
    35th Hartlepool Stealth Squad
    36th Team Assault Force
    37th Imperial.Black
    38th Archies Angels
    39th Syndicate
    40th ALLSAINTS
    41st ECOW
    42nd Xtreme Academy
    43rd TBA (JC)
    44th Fariko .Magikarp
    45th ante.2
    46th Rampaging Koalas
    47th nwXPLAY Xteam
    48th Phys1x
    49th Horizon.BOSS
    50th TEC.Vendetta
    51st Horizon.Pandas
    52nd Tribal Penguins
    53rd nerV
    54th Dot
    55th CU <><
    56th DV8
    57th Fariko.Girls
    58th Rosey's Boys
    59th Europes Finest
    60th Nova
    61st TBA (GetGord)
    62nd Vincere.ENG
    63rd Karnage.Black
    64th AnalyzeThis


    Remember if you are attending, please view the CoD master thread HERE for important information. Decerto will be covering the event live from the venue, so if you aren't attending, make sure you stick with us to keep up to date.

    Please follow us on Twitter for the latest news, articles and media!
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    Goodyy Active Member

    Nova 60th lol :confused:
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    RoBz Well-Known Member

    Thought you was trying to say were shit
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    Shizzle HOVA.

    So how where these seeds thought up? A little strange that teams that haven't even been to events and have done shit online are placed so high and some teams that have been to events and won games haven't even been seeded.
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    Jordyy- Swed!

    Still alot of teams to put in
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    Emotion Administrator

    I know a fair amount of people are going to complain at various different seedings, however you really have to appreciate that it's an almost impossible task for the EGL admin team to make seedings that are 100% accurate. The sheer amount of teams attending and the element of unknown really does make it tough.

    So please those who are complaining about seeds, do it in a respectful way, no one deserves to receive abuse.
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    Gxmblee Gxmblee

    that seems more like it to me
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    Goodyy Active Member

    you will place higher than 60th imo
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    Tommy- Gym Tan Lan

    i said to him you meant that aswell then the guy writes that making us look dogshit *Facepalm*

    get out me sight
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    George Mills Active Member

    If the seedings are wrong, it gives you a chance to exceed your seeding or of course have a bad LAN and drop down. They're seedings to spread out the competition over the brackets, they're not predictions at the end of the day.
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    Nani Active Member

    Is this the real bracket ?

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    0toMan Well-Known Member

    based on opinion for the last time rusty bollocks, G8 are clearly better than most if not all team behind them
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    McCann Active Member

    Good to see people are already moaning about seeding's. Its a Seed FFS.
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    WINN1E Well-Known Member

    credit for the guys who put there time and effort into making them.
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    mofflad New Member

    so will my team not be seeded even though theres 2 people with lan xp?
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    RaNdM Above Average.

    why is G8 higher as Pain?
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    Shizzle HOVA.

    G8 aren't who i'm complaining about they deserve that seed but why are some teams that have literally done nothing but scrim been seeded higher than people who have attended events before, moon face.
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    Stevoo #1

    your ginger, what do you expect to be top32 or suin
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    mofflad New Member

    how are pmp seeded 13th
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    RaNdM Above Average.

    ino G8 is a good team but Pain already won a LAN on MW3
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    mofflad New Member

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    Shizzle HOVA.

    Why are you even trying to start an argument? Do you even play anymore?

    I'm not saying my team should be seeded higher what i'm saying is teams that have actually attended should be at least seeded.
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    -G1 u mirin?

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    Stevoo #1

    not an argument im just telling you, no but im still sick at this game doe
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    Shizzle HOVA.

    Also just to add to your T32 point, we're seeded 30th.
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