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EGL5 Blackpool CoD master thread.

Discussion in 'EGL5 Blackpool - Finished' started by Rapture, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Nova OGNOVA

    Yes they are opinion based so why make a post saying how did x teams get above you? You played us online in scrims when we had only just started actually playing the game at all.
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    CTOM Follow me on twitterz @ThomasECoughlin

    Rosey's Boys to take it 3-1
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    Challis Impossible is nothing

    My brother joined decerto two weeks ago. Yes we only formed this weekend but it doesnt make sense.
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    Wilsh Well-Known Member

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    Craiq Well-Known Member

    just taking a few steps back from you
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    Dukez Active Member

    Apex.Na first round no sweat
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    n1kZ alright

    shouldnt have dropped mascot, maybe it would be different #illuminati
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    Rapture Well-Known Member

    Should be alrite, can use my laptop if need be.
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    JoshyD Active Member

    You are talking like you deserve a decent seed when the teams seeded 50th+ would destroy you.
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    Tunn I talk about CoD

    Why would you @ them all?
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    Rosey Well-Known Member

    Unlucky pal, we have FR good luck tho
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    veXus Geeza Sexy Gamer

    2nd round
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    Matty. Well-Known Member

    You're having a fucking laugh.

    You're talking almost as much bollocks as your seed imply's.
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    Superhero Well-Known Member

    Ok Ww 4th we 5th didnt we beaten them twice Now THE got Madcat never been to An mw3 lan and we got dd who came 1st and 3rd are you Guys drunk?
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    Delusion > <><

    Also, whoever does the seeds probably doesn't know about how good every team is so they may just be guessing. It doesn't really matter anyway, you'll get a seed when you get to the event.
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    Craiq Well-Known Member

    i don't think you will as the unseeded teams are still needed to be taken in to account
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    Horizon Suits.

    We've beaten you online but you've still implied you deserve to be seeded above us? (39th)

    @Razor @Rapture Could our team name please be updated from Syndicate to Nation ? Thanks.
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    Wilsh Well-Known Member

    just think as gunshi and swanny both have places #1 at a reflex event and places 2/3 cant remember at Boa so in my opinion they should have been seeded second
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    traineee Well-Known Member


    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    ( •_•)

    ( O_O)
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    Zebward Chorley

    Oh yeh seeds won't change much... 42nd - 55th is quite a big leap if you ask me.
    So many shitters above us
    And analyse this are last when they could fucking destroy at least half of these teams.
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    Rosey Well-Known Member

    Hope this is true
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    Tunn I talk about CoD

    Ah well best let everyone get a notification to know you think that @Swanny @Gunshy @vapeZ @Sowerz @vopeZ @bigsteve @linda
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    you fucking sad little c*nt, grow some fu*king balls and say some of this shit to my face when i turn up at egl faggt thinking your had banning me on the site think i cant make new account and get new ip's im gunna fu*king destroy you, you take this site so srs its a fu*king forum you sound like your dad fucks you up the ass evry night go lick you nans bold head you fucking bumbder
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    Tunn I talk about CoD

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    Wilsh Well-Known Member

    i thought u were sound but my opinion has completly changed about u
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