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EGL5 and EGL Online Announcement

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Mellow, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Mellow @MellowLive


    With 2011 coming to a close and the books closing on the full year of EGL, we are proud to announce our first event of 2012. After a successful first outing at the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool we're back again for another event. EGL5 Blackpool will offer some of the largest tournaments outside of North America for a selection of the most popular console and PC titles, with thousands of Pounds in prize money up for grabs. The return to the Norbreck castle will take place on the 7th-8th April 2012.

    For gamers who didn't attend ECL2 way back in April of last year at the Norbreck Castle, Blackpool offers easy access to a number of International Airports in neighbouring cities, as well as exceptional travel links to the rest of the UK. Construction work on the renowned Blackpool promenade has also since been completed so coming and going to the venue will be easier than ever before.
    The European Gaming League will once again have tournaments on many of your favourite games, along with some brand new faces welcomed to the tournament roster.

    A full announcement of games, exhibitors, prize money, ticket prices and more will be released within the next few weeks. Also, please look out for the travel guides that will soon be available via this website for help with booking your travel, hotels and more.

    Tickets will go on sale tomorrow. 4v4 players will be able to buy an Early Bird ticket for only £55. The Early Bird tickets will be available until 8th March so buy your tickets as soon as possible to save yourself some money. After 8th March tickets will go to the full price of £60. Players wishing to buy their tickets on the door will once again be charged an additional £5 administration charge on top of the ticket price per purchase.

    More details on tickets, prize money and supported tournaments will be announced tomorrow.

    All prize money from ECL2 and ECL3 should have been paid now, however if for some reason you have not received yours yet, please can you resend a prize claim form to chris.marsh@egl.tv. Prize winners from EGL4 should expect to receive their money before EGL5.

    The European Gaming League are also close to a release of our brand new, state of the art online platform and the public release is currently scheduled for early March. The new EGL online service will bring you a new League, Ladder and Tournament system, Social Media integration and a far greater focus on media content. The EGL experience will no longer be limited to the occasional weekend; it'll be available 365 days a year (366 this year!).

    EGL Online will immediately feature tournaments with some big name partners for a selection of the most popular titles on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and Mobile gaming platforms. The European Gaming League are also aiming to bring you seasonal structured leagues with regular prizes throughout the course of the year.

    The EGL understand that every gamer is unique and therefore our website will feature an expansive profile page for every gamer, including a record of all your online achievements, as well as records and statistics from our offline (LAN) events that will be collected from European Gaming League offline events starting with EGL5. Ever wanted to look back and see your Kill to Death ratio from an event two years ago? With our new system you will be able to do exactly that. This is just a small sample of the kind of features you can expect when the website is fully completed. Look out for future announcements about our new online system.

    Finally, once again anyone attending under the age of 18 will be required to bring a signed parental/guardian consent form in order to attend EGL5. These forms will be available over the next couple of weeks.

    About the European Gaming League
    The European Gaming League is Europe's leading console eSports event provider, now running eSports titles on PC. The EGL caters for the millions of European competitive gamers by providing them with the largest LAN events in Europe which offer tens of thousands of pounds in prize money, as well as professional and amateur online tournaments.
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    Doudou #Atmozlife

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    Busby Diligence

    Sick, can't wait to win :p
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    Konnor Active Member

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    Subway @VanitySturdy

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    Meekel Scottish..

    Hope Alex McBride is there again <3
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    ulle EEE

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    Rob! _mobby

    why do i have to be on holiday.
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    Vizz Well-Known Member

    I will put this on my CaLANder
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    Falconer Well-Known Member

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    TCM_Joshh TCM-Gaming - @TCM_Joshh

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    Dominant Active Member

    Can't wait :)
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    Capture @CAPTUREpls

    Train £126 you serious!?
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    -G1 u mirin?

    This is really badly written you need to paragraph.
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    JayBick .....

    3rd busby 3rd
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    AdamsKi Yabadaba-do one, son.

    So out
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    Nixoll Well-Known Member

    nice dodge bro
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    LiaMJD @_LiamJD

    yeah buddy
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    Swayzah Next Joke.

    Can't wait, soooo hyped :)
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    Meekel Scottish..

    So me and @AdamsKi aren't going. This event is ruined.

    Lets hope Razor can go, or you're all doomed!
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    borbinator Euphoria Keebz

    Should be in lOndon a lot easier to get too
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    Nomad Well-Known Member

    holy wall of text
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