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Does Scuf work on the Xbox One?

Discussion in 'Hardware & Software' started by CappedHello, May 21, 2013.

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    CappedHello @CappedSMG

    Ok so now we know the new xbox is called xbox one ALSO we know that the xboxone has a 3.0 USB port but the scuf we all have now has a 2.0 one :(
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    McKTiZeR Twitch.tv/Mcktizer

    this title needs changed :/
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    Hixxy Well-Known Member

    profit 4 scuf then
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    Zebra BasedGOD

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    Genius Veni Vidi Vici

    the new xbox just got revealed a few hours ago, will you just chill until E3 to see if you´re going to be able to use the current controllers. If they don´t answer, then send them a E-Mail about it...
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    westy Well-Known Member

    the end as we know it

    killing self
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    Haitchyy Total Madman.

    2.0 works in 3.0 ports dummy
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    OnlyPerplex Member

    yes ,but will the controller work though?
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    Haitchyy Total Madman.

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    Zebra BasedGOD

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    Solace. Well-Known Member

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    OutWorkedByNo1 New Member

    i know how to fix your problem... get a pc
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    Zyych ๖ۣۜ

    What you should be more worried about is will you be able to use the same headset have a look at the new port
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    OutWorkedByNo1 New Member

    Astro a40 uses USB... it will work
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    Zyych ๖ۣۜ

    I mean the controller chat lead port

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    Tommyy™ Active Member

    Scufs won't work with the Xbox One, confirmed by the XboxSupport twitter(s)
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    ExG Parkesy (Remedy Parkesy)

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    Tommyy™ Active Member

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    Walshy. Well-Known Member

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    Envious Well-Known Member

    Don't really know why they're changing the controllers at all, so much £££ was spent with ergonomics to get the perfect design, which it is, so why change it?
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    QuickMoveAlong Football

    M£ want all the money don't really care about the buyers
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    OnlyPerplex Member

    scuf wont work on new xbox ............great! 100 quid gone
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    Gorm # - @gormdot

    Just asked Support there now "will the Astro a40's + mixamp work with the One, or will we need a few new wires to get it working" and there reply was "To deliver consistent, meaningful gameplay to all users, only Xbox One controllers/accessories work w/Xbox One. ^JI"
    Don't know if anyone cares about this or not but pretty shite if you ask me
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    Zoirz pretty

    hahaha gutted, totally deserved for spending £100+ on a controller you stupid virgins
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    Capture @CAPTUREpls

    go on zoirz lad, you ***in tell em