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Competitive FIFA Info

Discussion in 'FIFA 13' started by TStokes, Mar 4, 2013.

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    TStokes @eNigma_Stokes

    Getting a lot of PMs about how to go about playing FIFA properly and what LANs you can go to so I thought I'd make a thread.


    the site used to 'play scrims' or practice is www.virgingaming.com where you will find a lot of good players who you can play against, mainly for money

    a site which details all LANs and relevant information is www.sweetpatch.tv

    LANs/tournaments that take place on a yearly basis

    All iSeries events - Xbox - (prize varies but the upcoming one i48 is going to be £2000)
    Some EGL events - Xbox - (again prize varies)
    WCG - PC but xbox controller - $10,000 - Qualification takes place usually later in the year
    FIWC - PS3 - Online qualification is pretty much all year round - $25,000 and winner goes to B'allon Dor
    VGCS - PS3 - Online qualification at some point during the year - $400,000 and in the US usually
    ESWC - PS3 - Online qualification again but towards the end of the year - 8000 Euros in France

    Online tournaments take place every week on something called 4PL and Virgin Gaming itself. Most are free to enter.

    Various other tournaments pop up like campusparty or small LANs but these are the main ones. If anybody is interested in playing then pm me on here for my Skype.

    Thanks and if anyone else has any input then feel free to add.
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    Adam-M Old Skool

    I'd like to add that fifa is not hard. Get to a decent standard in a year and you could be winner 140,000 the next year. Its not like cod where you have to find a team and be on the same time, arrange strategy etc.

    will add more later
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    MLGProUSA New Member

    FIFA is hard lad, its scripted.
    Always a goal in 45th/90th min, and its always from a deflection/shite tackles etc
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    HEXY -

    virgingaming is terrible now, everyone is scared to play, good post though.
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    TStokes @eNigma_Stokes

    quick update, video montage of iSeries by Sweetpatch

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    McKTiZeR Twitch.tv/Mcktizer

    Fifa 14 is where il start doing all this
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    LC JoNo Well-Known Member

    Got to agree FIFA isnt hard to play, just luck usually seperates the two players, without luck, all good players would win.
    Again on winning 140k, you need to not be nervous to stand any chance of even making past the 1st few rounds and i dont think some1 can pick up FIFA and handle the pressure.

    OT: I know alot of players who play FIFA competitve and aint even good. Just bum VG and bring in the cash.
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    HEXY -

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    Adam-M Old Skool

    ill play you
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    ciyfc Well-Known Member

    when is the next lan that has fifa
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    Sheepy- Well-Known Member

    Egl10 Sheffield - August 10th/11th
    i49 Telford - August 24th/25th
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    ciyfc Well-Known Member

    cheers bro
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    Adam-M Old Skool

    Malaga gamepolis 12th-14th July
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    trucidoPoole Active Member

    if fifa didnt have so much bullshit in the game, it would be amazing
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    SupReMe Well-Known Member

    Anyone think FIFA will be any different this year with the new Ignite engine? new trailer / video looks like the same old ish to me
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    trucidoPoole Active Member

    just looks like updated teams with the same game to me haha