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COD4 Scrim Now Thread

Discussion in 'Scrims' started by OSH, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Sampso Active Member

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    Eyedi Member

    vGo Eyedi
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    Torpidd! Active Member

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    RuBiX Well-Known Member

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    Robbie! Robbie LW

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    Robbie! Robbie LW

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    Robbie! Robbie LW

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    Bradley Head Moderator

    ban this kid!
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    Robbie! Robbie LW

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    Capture @CAPTUREpls

    shut up you goon
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    Robbie! Robbie LW

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    quirkzLAH Active Member

    vish and chips
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    dilllib New Member

    add me 4 scrims: dilllib v2
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    obX Worgi Well-Known Member

    any1 in scrims and ned a pic up inv Worgi AR
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    XTC @Josh_XTC

    vorteX Josh
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    XTC @Josh_XTC

    vorteX Josh
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    XTC @Josh_XTC

    vorteX Josh
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    XTC @Josh_XTC

    vorteX Josh
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    XTC @Josh_XTC

    vorteX Josh
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    j0sef é

    wtf are you doing you crazy character
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    XTC @Josh_XTC

    vorteX Josh
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    Rosso @IamRosso

    Abuse of the scrim thread will not be tolerated. One post every five minutes will suffice.

    ONLY post your GT.
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    XTC @Josh_XTC

    No1 is inviting me...
    Trying to get someone to invite me.
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    Gpic !MIZRg2G7HA

    Well nobody plays cod4 anymore.
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    Naylad Well-Known Member

    no1 cares about your post count you weirdo
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