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CoD XP Regional Qualifier Team List

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' started by XLNC, Jul 8, 2011.

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    XLNC twitch.tv/xlnc

    Just thought i'd compile a list of those who'll be attending the regional qualifiers in Edinburgh, London and Manchester. Post here with your team name/players.

    Edinburgh Teams List:
    FnaticMSI (Gunshi - Mak - Tobi - XLNC)
    Monstars (Donsiee - Ridleey - I am Mecka - CrackleX)

    London Team List:
    '? - (Crookz - Tommey - Riddlez - Blackk)
    ? - (Lpoint - amaze - Unearthly - SekC)

    Manchester Teams List:
    Team UTD (United - Jolly - Doped - Sowerz)
    Imperial (PaCinO - richie - ShAnE - Swanny)
    Team Nemico (Razor - CVB - Tubez - Natural)

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    zenith Well-Known Member

    i live 15 mins bus from edinburgh 1, stick my name down, ill be making a team for this event
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    XLNC twitch.tv/xlnc

    once you're confirmed and you've reserved a spot lemme know mate and i'll add ye.
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    WestyB REEM Squad.

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    XLNC twitch.tv/xlnc

    I edited my post and added that after he had wrote that. :p
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    ReaLiZe Well-Known Member

    Im looking to go to the manchester one, if anyones up for it pm me.
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    MaLaMaN Well-Known Member

    TMS LONDON looking 4 two maybe 1 if methodz comes back
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    BAIDER Well Known Member

    You gotta be 18 or over Mala.
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    MaLaMaN Well-Known Member

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    MeLo @TEC_MeLo

    ur not 18?
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    pixl hue

    How has anyone paid the £20 when this event with Gamerbase has not yet been confirmed..
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    Candy @alex_cartwright

    he's 18 :p
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    pixl hue

    Might consider it depending on the costs.
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    Solace. Well-Known Member

    Even if it was confirmed its
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    ProjectMak Curse

    only post in here once u got a team and paid
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    Rooster FUBAR

    yes mala ;)
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    pixl hue

    How has anyone paid if it has not yet been confirmed?
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    Apache Heavy Hitter

    Nick the registrations have been deleted, everybody that has paid the 20 quid has lost it.
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    XLNC twitch.tv/xlnc

    They haven't lost it. Yeah they took away the details, but that doesn't mean they won't be re-annoucing it lol.
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    Apache Heavy Hitter

    Don't know, look what Tommey posted.
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    Lowraj New Member

    Hi all,

    I'd just like to confirm a few things here to avoid any further confusion.

    1. Gamerbase will be hosting a set of tournaments, the grand prize of which will be a trip to LA to compete in CodXP.
    2. We are currently awaiting final approval from Activision for the exact details of the event.
    3. Once this approval is received the event will be made live and we will make an official post on this website and other community sites.
    4. Any team which has already registered and paid their deposit has NOT lost their money. The deposits have been received and their registration is confirmed. However no further registrations will be accepted until the event is made fully live.
    5. Any team which has already registered will NOT have to register again.
    6. If anyone has any questions about the event in the meantime can you please email info@gamerbase.com.
    7. While we appreciate tommmmmmm's assistance with promotion, he is in no way affiliated with gamerbase and any questions regarding the event should be directed to the email address above.

    We hope the event will be a great success and look forward to seeing you all there.


    The Gamerbase Team
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    XLNC twitch.tv/xlnc

    thanks for taking the time to post. :)
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    Dom Mulroy New Member

    Just want to confirm with you all that Activision have advised that this is open to British participants only - British Passports will be required as part of registration at the qualifiers. Not Drivers Licenses - Passports! This is to prove that you are in a position to travel to LA the following month if you win.

    Dom - Gamerbase
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    Lowraj New Member

    Just some further info from our end guys.
    Activision have now approved the event as it is currently planned. Just waiting on some final graphics approval from their US office.
    We will be making an official announcement on Monday, at which time registration will be fully open.

    Thanks for your patience.

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    CazuaLL CazuaLLUK - Liam Biggs

    How have you lot paid early?