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[Championships Europe] Coverage Thread

Discussion in 'Call of Duty Championship EU & NA (MLG)' started by Mellow, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Mellow @MellowLive


    This weekend the 16 qualifying teams from five weeks of Black Ops 2 have converged on Cologne for the European leg of the finals. The top two teams from eight regions will face off for a place in LA, before the winners then square off for the title of European champions and a share of 10000€ in prize money. The event is being covered by the elite of the gaming press and of course, Decerto are on the scene to bring you the most up to date possible (or at least I’m trying to).

    Post-Event Review:

    Pre-Event Coverage:

    Important Links:

    Time Difference: +1 Hours from UK

    Major Updates:

    • Rapid come back from 1-0 down to take the Italian qualification spot over favourites, pMp. Last minute stand in, Swanny, proves his weight in gold after a fine performance.
    • Favourites for Spain, Pain, take down rivals Wizards. Wizards get off to a flying start on Raid Hardpoint, only for Pain to pull it back. Pain completely dominant on SnD and comfortably take the contest.
    • Fariko.Allstars live up to their billing and defeat a strong looking Vengeance to take the Benelux place. A 6-5 SnD game wrapped up the qualification for Torres and friends.
    • eNigma eliminate Lemondogs and book the place for LA from the Nordic region, winning the match 2-1 after an intense showdown that saw the game come down to Stopwatch on the final map.
    • Millenium take down Supremacy in an exciting 2-1 game. CTF had to separate the two teams in the end, with Supremacy going 1-0 and Millenium turning the tie on its head to bag the game. 3-1 Slums CTF decided the game.
    • Epsilon eliminate Steelshock and seal passage to the World Finals in the most one sided match of the day. The team are looking strong ahead of tomorrow's knock out stages.
    • After going 1-0 down, Killerfish turn the score line on its' head and go on take the game 2-1. This is the second time KF have defeated dzs at an event in the last 28 days.
    • In the final game of the day, the UK spot was won by Fariko.Dragons after they beat UK rivals, TCM Gaming 2-0. SnD came down to 5-5 and a 1v1, eventually won by Luke who took down Flux after planting the bomb. Dragons go LA.
    • Pain are eliminated by Epsilon in a 2-0 straight forward victory.
    • Fariko.Allstars disappoint in their first round game against Killerfish and are easily swept 2-0.
    • Dragons make hard work of their first round versus Rapid, with clutches from AJ and Luke having to save the team.
    • Millenium and eNigma.Sweden go to map three with Millenium coming out on top to book their place in the semi finals.
    • Fariko.Dragons edge Millenium in an extremely close game. Exciting Call of Duty. 3-2.
    • Epsilon give Killerfish a Call of Duty lesson and earn their place in the Grand Final after 3-0 victory.
    • Epsilon overcome Dragons in convincing fashion to become European Champions.
    • 3rd place playoff cancelled as the teams decide to split the cash. Tied between Millenium and Killerfish.
    • End of play.


    pMp 1 – 2 Rapid
    Pain 2 – 0 Wizards
    Fariko.Allstars 2 – 0 Vengeance
    eNigma 2 1 Lemondogs
    Millenium 2 – 1 Supremacy
    Epsilon 2 - 0 Steelshock
    Killerfish 2 - 1 dzs
    TCM 0 - 2 Fariko.Dragons

    Pain 0 - 2 Epsilon
    Fariko.Allstars 0 - 2 Killerfish
    Millenium 2 - 1 eNigma.Sweden
    Fariko.Dragons 2 - 1 Rapid - Match Report: Here
    Epsilon 3 - 0 Killerfish - Match Report: Here
    Fariko.Dragons 3 - 2 Millenium - Match Report: Here
    Epsilon 3 - 1 Millenium - Match Report: Here

    Final Placements:

    1st. [IMG] Epsilon: Jurd, McGee, Lucky, XLNC
    2nd. [IMG] Fariko.Dragons: AJ, Bissell, Luke, Melo
    3rd/4th. [IMG] Millenium: Gotaga, Broken, Diablo, Krnage
    3rd/4th. [IMG] Killerfish: Kivi, Rkz, Ronzy, GunElite
    5th-8th. [IMG] eNigma.Sweden: Henkie, Zebbe, Annti, Disse
    5th-8th. [IMG] Rapid: Swanny, Lukee, Donny, Kolgaa
    5th-8th. [IMG] Pain Gaming: Tojor, JayZ, Lgend, Setero
    5th-8th. [IMG] Fariko.Allstars: Torres, Daredevil, Knifer, Crazy


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    Joe Karizma Karizma

    Fariko Allstars to win.
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    PeyHa New Member

    I'm french so Millenium are the best
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    Millennium :)
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    fariko allstars
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    EDIT: Fariko.Dragons
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    well done to killerfish imo
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    All Stars
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    Mayhxm Well-Known Member

    Congrats Dragons for earning UK spot to LA. Really close games. Would of hated to be in Luke and Flux's position though in that last round of SnD haha, pressure would of been too much.
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