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[Championship World Finals] Qualifying Teams

Discussion in 'Call of Duty Championship World Finals' started by AssassuN., Mar 19, 2013.

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    Bizeeey Comfortably Numb

    Obviously, why wouldn't they?
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    Pablo #trolltime

    The roster of PainGaming is: TojoR, Jayzooh, GoSu Lgend, SeTeR0 , can any correct it?
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    LukeRidin Ridinn

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    Woodsie97 King.

    Well this is going to be interesting.
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    LeMon db Well-Known Member

    Brazilians are sick.
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    stiffleryuu New Member

    can people stop sooking about UK only getting one team, UK is counted as part of the EUROPEAN region therefore it was given 8 teams to be selected, quit the complaining
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    aMaZe Reason AJ

    the whole point in the argument is how many British teams would qualify if it wasn't one per nation. I'm pretty sure at least 6 of the 8 European countries, if not more, would have been British.
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    Banksy. Well-Known Member

    sook off mate
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    Davemau5 @Kaanesimons

    orge2 is playing? well