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[Championship World Finals] Qualifying Teams

Discussion in 'Call of Duty Championship World Finals' started by AssassuN., Mar 19, 2013.

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    kritikal' @kritikalMF

    Are any UK teams going over earlier/2 days earlier and thinking about pre lanning?
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    Wolfe jr Run Like Moho

    I'm done
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    MRTN Martz

    [IMG] Europe - Qualifier Recap
    • [IMG] Epsilon.IRL - (McGee, LuCkY, Jurd, XLNC)
    • [IMG] Fariko.Dragons - (aMaZe, Luke, MeLo, Bissell) Qualification Reaction Video
    • [IMG] Millenium - (Gotaga, Broken, Krnage, D1ablo) Qualification Reaction Video
    • [IMG] Killerfish - (Kivi, GunElite, Rron, RocKz)
    • [IMG] Pain Gaming - (TojoR, JaayZ, GuSo Lgend, SaTeR0) Qualification Reaction Video
    • [IMG] eNigma.Sweden - (Henkie, Zebbe, Annti, Disse)
    • [IMG] Rapid.BreakYourLimits - (Swanny, Donnyy, Kolgaa, Lukee)
    • [IMG] Fariko.Allstars - (Crazy, Torres, DaReDeVL, KniFeR)
    [IMG]North America - Qualifier Recap
    • Fariko.Impact - (Parasite, MiRx, KiLLa, Karma)
    • UNiTE.NA - (Clayster, HUHDLE, SPACELY, Slacked) (Clayster is the only 18+)
    • vVv Gaming - (Realize, CompleX, Theory, Replays)
    • EnvyUs - (Rambo, JKap, ProoFy, StaiNVille)
    • OpTiC Gaming - (Scump, Nadeshot, MerK, BigTymeR)
    • SoaR Competitive - (Methodz, Fluff, Lawless, Mboze)
    • FeaR - (Moho, Assass1n, Sharp, John)
    • Donut Shop - (Goonjar, Immortal, Grim, LynxXx)
    [IMG]Australia / New Zealand
    • Team Immunity - (Renzyy, Naked, Shockz, BuZZO)
    • Mindfreak eSports - (Envious, Macka, Kritikal, zeeeeeQ)
    [IMG] SouthEast Asia
    • InFiDream - (Towoo, Turbo, Doloshi, RosE)
    • Raven - (shot, Artshot, S VETTEL, Tiso)
    [IMG] Mexico & South America
    • Team Rising Mx - (Afro, Clumzy, doncampero, DonESPADA)
    • The Stand - (Allan David, Mario, NuVoo, ReLy (@ReL lol))
    [IMG] South Africa
    • Xtaz - (PhObia, FaLLeN, SyNerGy, FrOstBite)
    [IMG] Brazil
    • Made in Brazil - (Shoter, Luken, ToNy, peesTe)
    [IMG] League Play
    • Vintage - (
    • Pheonix
    • Curse.NA - (Fatalize, CMPLX, Apathy, Rizma)
    • Quantic - (PHiZZURP, NameLeSs, LyaR, TwiZz)
    • Complexity - (TuQuick, TeePee, Crimsix, Aches)
    • Awe eSports
    • Rage - (Ogre2, MrX, ZeR0, Compact)
    • TVA
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    LaiRoU. Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but my point was also that it would make this articles better if they would include rosters for people who are not so familar with them. :)
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    Zebra BasedGOD

    Asian Team to win in, Yanks to be mad.
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    TojoR Active Member

    Pain.LA roster: Lgend JaayZ SeTeR0 TojoR
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    nZorb New Member

    Dedo is playing for vVv, not sure who instead of though :/
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    Nemz Old School

    what is this
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    Bakez A Well-Known Member

    U love a good late night reply dont u nemz m8
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    Nemz Old School

    I spend all day fapping
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    Bakez A Well-Known Member

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    Henkie Youtube @ GODHenkie

    Correct me if wrong but Ogre2 from that league team wasnt he a Halo pro?
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    MRTN Martz

    Yes Henkie, you're correct.
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    Matt_Digbe Owner of @Elysium_eSports

    Asia teams are going to get slapped see them play on stream the other day they have no fucking clue
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    charrison Well-Known Member

    still probably better than you.
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    Matt_Digbe Owner of @Elysium_eSports

    Haha.... a hater has arrived
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    Shizzle HOVA.

    Anyone know if Rage went to Dallas? If so where did they place?
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    Nomad Well-Known Member

    37th - 44th
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    Mellow @MellowLive

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    McKTiZeR Twitch.tv/Mcktizer

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    Envious Well-Known Member

    saints is in for methodz in soar
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    MiB are a big team
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    Wolfe jr Run Like Moho

    The to of the most protist county's ever
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    Slacker New Member

    @AssassuN For SoaR - Methodz is underage and i'm quite sure that they have picked up Saints instead.
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    Genius Veni Vidi Vici

    never saw them play, link?