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[Championship World Finals] Qualifying Teams

Discussion in 'Call of Duty Championship World Finals' started by AssassuN., Mar 19, 2013.

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    TStokes @eNigma_Stokes

    Never thought I'd see the day that DziRe AssassiN was a content writer, but good job.
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    ShoX Member

    Americans 16 Spots.............
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    Horizon Suits.

    haha love a good argument me. To be fair classing RSA as "Africa" isn't exactly correct.
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    Stevoo #1

    oh brainaic
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    Genius Veni Vidi Vici

    I´m calling it, South Korea is getting a T8 placement. They´re probably getting some serious hours into playing, could be decent
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    Purdz Well-Known Member

    would love a mexican team to just storm the event
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    Shizzle HOVA.

    Played them a few times on GB MW3 on their host, they shiddy.
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    Purdz Well-Known Member

    would be so funny though, the faces on all the "top" teams would be priceless
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    LukeRidin Ridinn

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    Bandit Well-Known Member

    [IMG] SouthEast Asia
    • InFiDream
    • Raven
    Expecting one of these teams to win (semi-srs)
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    Purdz Well-Known Member

    it should be 2 teams from every country, should be equal across the board
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    DNA Breadbrah

    if they dont win this time give them a year or two
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    Follow My Steps Active Member

    Made in Brazil? used to be one of the biggest 7 counter strike teams in the world. havn't heard of them since i played cs 1.6. Don't know if these could be any good tho. Does anyone know how the 1mil is shared between the top placements?

    Good luck to all EU teams, and Impact.

    edit: this should be them, wouldnt be to botherd about it lol.
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    xSmithy Well-Known Member

    Even if they gave all nations the opportunity to qualify through league play it would have been better, anyone know why it was USA only?
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    Nomad Well-Known Member

    It was shared around the top 8 last time i believe
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    ReL 5% off SCUF: "VPBROS"

    Good thread. I was hoping a nice concise summary like this was going to come out. Some good content coming from you recently @AssassuN.

    Also... just to clarify... http://www.esl-asia.net/asia/codbo2-360/kr_qualifier/rankings/ ...this means that Raven got the all expenses paid trip to LA simply by signing up to the site?! Seriously?!

    @Momo remember this for next time.

    Whilst I'm obviously supporting the UK team for the event, I'm really hoping that the Australians can perform well. It's the first time that they're going to have the opportunity to compete on CoD against EU/NA teams in such a significant tournament. Despite having a fairly well established competitive base for console Call of Duty, I think it's fair to say that nobody ever really gives them a chance.

    EDIT: Now aware that it wasn't just a case of signing up to qualify
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    LaiRoU. Well-Known Member

    Include the rosters in this kind of news posts, thanks.
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    Quevega Yh.

    That's just the south korean qualifier. There was a taiwan, signapore and a hong kong one too with the t2 of each going into this bracket


    Out of the 4 qualifiers a total of 10 teams signed up so the whole thing is farcical all the same but they didnt get the free trip just by signing up
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    Adam-M Old Skool

    You are way too stupid
    America = Country
    Europe = Continent
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    ReL 5% off SCUF: "VPBROS"

    Ah fair enough my bad... I was thinking to myself 'surely this can't be right' lol
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    Jordizle support fam

    Give the south Koreans a few months and they'll win.
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    Purdz Well-Known Member

    I think he might mean North America, not sure though
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    Mellow @MellowLive

    South Korea will do awful. People need to realise they're not some super nation. It's about the culture of that nation and what game they all play. The more people, the more competition, the better the overall standard. Hence why the US is generally the best on console, followed by the UK. South Korea will do awful. They've never been that good at shooters in general.
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    Banga1 Member

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    Mellow @MellowLive

    It's all about culture.