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[Championship World Finals] Qualifying Teams

Discussion in 'Call of Duty Championship World Finals' started by AssassuN., Mar 19, 2013.

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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member


    With the European and North American qualifiers coming to a close, we have a look at who qualified internationally for the 32 places available in the Call of Duty Championship World Finals in LA next month. Players from all over the globe will compete for a share of $1,000,000 in prize money. Who do you think will come out on top?

    [IMG] Europe - Qualifier Recap
    [IMG]North America - Qualifier Recap
    • Fariko.Impact: Parasite, MiRx, KiLLa, Karma
    • UNiTE.NA: Clayster, HUHDLE, SPACELY, Slacked
    • vVv Gaming: Realize, CompleX, Theory, Replays
    • EnvyUs: Rambo, JKap, ProoFy, StaiNVille
    • OpTiC Gaming: Scump, Nadeshot, MerK, BigTymeR
    • SoaR Competitive: Methodz, Fluff, Lawless, Mboze
    • FeaR: Moho, Assass1n, Sharp, John
    • Donut Shop: Goonjar, Immortal, Grim, LynxXx
    [IMG]Australia / New Zealand
    • Team Immunity: Renzyy, Naked, Shockz, BuZZO
    • Mindfreak eSports: Envious, Macka, Kritikal, zeeeeeQ
    [IMG] SouthEast Asia
    • InFiDream: Towoo, Turbo, Doloshi, RosE
    • Raven: shot, Artshot, S VETTEL, Tiso
    [IMG] Mexico & South America
    • Team Rising Mx: Afro, Clumzy, doncampero, DonESPADA
    • The Stand: Allan David, Mario, NuVoo, ReLy
    [IMG] South Africa
    • Xtaz: PhObia, FaLLeN, SyNerGy, FrOstBite
    [IMG] Brazil
    • Made in Brazil: Shoter, Luken, ToNy, peesTe
    [IMG] League Play
    • Vintage: TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC
    • Pheonix: TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC
    • Curse.NA: Fatalize, CMPLX, Apathy, Rizma
    • Quantic: PHiZZURP, NameLeSs, LyaR, TwiZz
    • Complexity: TuQuick, TeePee, Crimsix, Aches
    • Awe eSports: TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC
    • Rage: Ogre2, MrX, ZeR0, Compact
    Some information sourced from http://esports-nation.com

    Please follow us on Twitter for the latest news, articles and media!

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    @JArmpong @JackArmpong

    Cant wait to see south africa and asia there
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    McKTiZeR Twitch.tv/Mcktizer

    any one got links from the other countries games that got them into the tourny
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    TheJuunaz Member

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    Vizz Well-Known Member

    Asia only had 3 teams competing, the spots really have been allocated poorly for this.
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    Sach Dennis re

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    Henkie Youtube @ GODHenkie

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    Antizipated CoD:4 mmm...

    I agree, but they want it to be "World Championships" don't they. You never know about those Mexicans either.
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    Fragster WHPH

    1 team from South Africa, 1 team from UK. Aight.
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    GRVTY raise your fist

    Well it's only fair, isn't it
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    Haitchyy Total Madman.

    not really no. 100++ teams from UK, im guessing about 5 from africa.
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    Fragster WHPH

    Strong sense of sarcasm.
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    Haitchyy Total Madman.

    fuck up.

    EDIT: Im not talking about codxp..
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    Jakey Well-Known Member

    So silly even giving spots for teams from like what? Mongolia or Kazakhstan. When the best teams which will make it more entertaining playing each other are from Europe and USA clearly, just doesn't make sense
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    ReGGae Active Member

    Yeah this is fair.
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    De_matadorZ Active Member

    wow, dont understand how the other continents qualified (BAR Australia and new zeland) they probably had to get all the achievements in campaign
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    Quevega Yh.

    Who was in the south american qualifiers with mexico if brazil has its own one?
    Or is it supposed to be mexico and central america?
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    Challis Impossible is nothing

    Don;t see what the problem is with these countries we know very little about attending for all we know they could be very good and judging by how good Koreans are at other games they're probably better than most people think they are.
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    Purdz Well-Known Member

    people shoudnt be angry at the fact places like south africa got the same allocated places as us, but more the fact americans get 16. it would be absolutely fine if each region got 1 allocated slot.... you cant just not give a country a chance to compete.... im not annoyed in the slightest we only have 1 team going. but it is annoying that americans get 16 teams competing
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    Horizon Suits.

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    TyzeR Well-Known Member

    Well thats retarded
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    Emotion Administrator

    Good article @AssassuN, interesting to see the teams qualifying from around the world.

    Like most people in this thread I too find it annoying that the UK with such a large Call of Duty esport fanbase and standard, was only given 1 spot. At the same time 1 spot is better than none.

    We will be questioning the decision with the right people at Treyarch and will find out why (and to let you guys know) and also if it was be rectified for any potential future tournaments.

    Congratulations to all the teams that did qualify however.

    Please don't spam. Also don't try justify why calling him racist is a valid point. It's not.
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    RnB Well-Known Member

    @AssassuN eNigma* Thanks. Nice write-up.
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    Sharkyy Bronze V

    lol 2 best continents for comp CoD - Europe and USA. they split up Europe into little bits and then have america as one big bit.
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    Henkie Youtube @ GODHenkie

    Ive played some MExicans and Brazilians on gb and 360icons, there actually pretty decent :)
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