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Black Ops 2 League Play Quick Breakdown (Champion Series)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bundo, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Bundo MEOW

    Black Ops 2 - the titan of a title with huge developer support from Treyarch focused on esports has recently landed internationally and has been met with mixed reactions, most of which we've witnessed has been nothing but positive. With a new game brings new experiences & discussions, possibly the biggest of all that being Treyarch's new playlist; League Play.


    League Play is Treyarch's very own version of League of Legends ELO/Ranked system, or StarCraft 2's version of ranks/divisions sparking a competitive environment. The playlist features hundreds of players & teams from around the world placed into their respective divisions based off their skill, wins & losses into one of five different divisions. Teams/players must first play 5 placement matches prior to be placed into a division.
    • Iron - This is the lowest division that one can be placed into.
    • Bronze - Second lowest division, slightly increased skill.
    • Silver - The third lowest division, this is where a lot of competitive amateur players may start out.
    • Gold - Teams & players are noticeably better in this division, expect harder games.
    • Platinum - Most top pro teams & very good amateur teams start in this division after 5 placement matches. This division did include OpTic, FeaR, Dominance & more to begin with. Expect some tough matches.
    • Master - Contains all the top teams internationally participating in League Play thus far. Expect to lose just as much as you win with some super intense matches.
    • Pro - Currently no teams placed in the pro division, expected to change however! This is the elite division, if you're in this rank - you're considered a good team/player.
    So what game types and what are the basic rules in League Play on Black Ops 2?
    Currently four game types are featured in League Play and they are:
    • Search & Destroy
    • Domination
    • Capture the Flag
    • Hardpoint
    Domination featuring scorestreaks & an assault shield.

    The basic rules of League Play are extremely close to the rulesets we have been playing on for years on Call of Duty titles, with the ever present 7.5 second respawn timer in Domination/Capture the Flag - however Hardpoint features an instant respawn.

    A big controversy that has sparked huge discussion in the worldwide community is that scorestreaks are currently enabled within League Play. Something that most competitive players aren't used to & haven't seen in an extremely competitive environment since COD XP back in 2011.

    What about livestreaming from in game?
    This was a huge feature that Treyarch announced for their esports supported title, Black Ops 2. Although it was stated that "anyone" would be able to livestream, only players with an upload speed of at least 1.5 mbps are able to livestream from in game to YouTube.

    CODCasting & live streaming from in game featured at Gamescom.

    So how do you rank up?
    Similar to previous Halo ranking systems, in League Play you only rank up by winning. You can also drop in rank via losing matches, losing points and eventually dropping to the bottom of the ladder and into the league below you should you keep losing. It works the other way around, you keep winning, you keep gaining points and going up the ladder.

    What's the latest information on Black Ops 2 League Play?
    Currently it is in trial season. The first season commences on December 1st, with this month playing host to a plethora of games and teams battling it out testing rulesets for feedback and to rank up. It is rumoured that teams/players ranks are reset at the end of every season, and that seasons are bi-monthly.

    What are your thoughts on the current rulesets for League Play? Should scorestreaks be disabled and more items/weapons be banned? Would this discourage non-competitive players from playing the competitive playlist and not venturing into the professional COD scene? Discuss below!

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    Murdoch @maxalfiemurdoch

    All the obvious shit needs banning. Otherwise when (if?) Decerto make a good ruleset, everyone will stop playing league. Because they're glorified pubs. And are shit.
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    Nemo Active Member

    Pro - Currently no teams placed in the pro division, expected to change however! This is the elite division, if you're in this rank - you're considered a good team/player.

    I believe this wont be implemented until season 1 starts on Decemeber 1st. But its really easy to get into Master league, hope its not as easy for Pro
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    Vizz Well-Known Member

    Seems to easy to progress in leagues, im in masters and playing against bakezy's is boring.
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    SwaayZ Member

    Still don't understand how you can move up a division... Do you just have to win a certain amount, or do you have to get rank 1 in your subdivision?

    So far I've only gone up some ranks in my subdivision, but haven't been placed in a higher division
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    Legend Well-Known Member

    I think they need to announce how the league system actually works.. What is required for Promotion?

    And it's sad as fuck, (if true, Twitter rumours) that the US teams have actually been glitching there ranks to get #1
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    Nomad Well-Known Member

    It's easy because there isnt that many people playing it atm. When more people start it will become harder to move up leagues. You wont jump straight into platinum or gold after the placement games.
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    zSeeQ Member

    I was reanked Silver, played one Match, suddenly Gold, two more and Platinum. Was never ranked high in Divisions, just played well and got ranked up, pretty strange..
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    Vizz Well-Known Member

    Its winning 5 placements games that are beyond easy that get you straight into platinum, that kills it. Think you are right, when more people are playing it, the harder to promote etc.....
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    Nemo Active Member

    So called if you win 3 then lose 1, you always get 150 points i believe.
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    ShAnE eat your nan

    league play will be massive, do not be surprised if top teams in the "pro league" will get invited to massive tournaments next year, if decerto makes their own ruleset, i guarantee league play will be just as important.
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    Russian Well-Known-Russian

    I'm masters 1st game Win + 10, 2nd game - 150, 3rd game + 10, 4th game + 150
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    berZerk Active Member

    It looks like if you win against a team, and one of their players dashboard, then you will only gain 10points. It's fucking annoying always winning 10 points, and when loosing you drop 150.
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    Murdoch @maxalfiemurdoch

    One thing that definitely needs addressing is the probation thing. I got lagged out 3 times in one night, resulting in three probations. From then on ranking up became ridiculously hard. I got many wins in a row and my rank increased in far smaller increments than those of the team mates I was playing with at the time.
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    pixl hue

    It also depends on the rank of the team you play against, we won all of our placement games, got put like 7th in Plat division, won 2 more games got put in Masters like 25th.
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    PaulMVP Unknown Member

    can any1 help me with the live stream when i turn it on and try and stream all it says on my youtube channel is starting soon? can any1 help me on this thanks:)
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    Zebra BasedGOD

    Top 25 teams in masters ATM will be drafted into the pro league, were around 13th and have play nV OGnation, there is a lot of American pro teams you play in T 50 of masters
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    Mayhxm Well-Known Member

    You have to have at least 10 viewers before it goes live.
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    PaulMVP Unknown Member

    tried it it dont work just wondering will it work on the 1st december
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    LaiRoU. Well-Known Member

    It started to work for me when I got 10 viewers. Or it took like 30sec after I got 10viewers to go live.
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    Badlands Well-Known Member

    It does work i did it before the game was out, i don't think the communitys missing out that much from not being able to watch your stream anyway.
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    PaulMVP Unknown Member

    bla bla bla
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    Bursq EMRAZZZZ

    It's so bad when the other team dashboards and you loose your win streak and get the loss...I can't find any information anywhere on how to gain promotion, we've won like 30 games number 1 in our subdivision for ages da *** is gahin on.
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    Antizipated CoD:4 mmm...

    Hopefully they'll use a DE/MLG ruleset for champions league with no scorestreaks come the 1st of December, I'm not holding my breath though. Good write-up @Bundo.
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    Nemo Active Member

    David Vonderhaar put on twitter, he doesnt care if people play DE rules or GB. League play will be his rules