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Astro Scout Backpack Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Mellow, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Mellow @MellowLive

    Who makes the best LAN backpack? After Emotion gave Tritton's LAN backpack a glaring review, we became incredibly interested in how an Astro LAN backpack would fair in comparison.


    So who is the king of the LAN bag world? Retailing at £59.95, the Astro Scout Backpack is both cheaper and more readily available than Tritton's offering, however, does the difference in price also mean a difference in quality? Find out below.


    Design - 9.5/10 - Better looking than the Tritton LAN backpack, the Scout Backpack's design makes it both good looking and highly functional. The ultimate LAN bag.

    Functionality - 10/10 - With more pockets than a Riley's Pool Hall, the LAN bag effortlessly contains anything you'd hope to take to a LAN event with you, safely. Works great for both games consoles and laptops.

    Comfort - 9/10 - Even at capacity, the Scout Backpack feels far lighter than you would think. The weight is distributed well, and the padding makes the backpack easy to carry around, even for large periods of time.

    Value - 8/10 - Retailing at £59.95 (≈ €70), the backpack is cheaper than the anticipated release price of Tritton's equivalent. While still a fairly hefty chunk of change, the backpack goes a long way to justifying your investment. A must for LAN goers with a bit of cash spare.

    Overall 9.5/10 - The Scout Backpack seems to trump or match its competition in all areas, and is readily available for anyone to purchase, this is the best LAN bag I have seen on the market. Like everything Astro do, the backpack combines extreme functionality with suitable styling making this LAN bag the perfect accompaniment for the modern LAN goer.

    Links to Purchase - http://www.astrogaming.co.uk/products.asp?id=2737
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    Zoirz pretty

    Good review mate, would be nice to see confirmation after the next LAN you attend to see if it's actually any good in practice.
    p.s nice napoleon dynamite poster.
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    Camper Most successfull console manager in NorwaY :)

    Nice review, might be something that i'll buy for the next lan im attending >: )
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    ZlwR Pétain

    Good review, I have this bag since 1 year and it is really great
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    CoopeY Grenade Whistle!!!

    Bought one at ecl, it's a sick bag very useful for LAN, but good for pretty much anything.
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    Hysteria You must be mistaken

    Good review, In my opinion the best headset to use at Lan's.
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    United Vapez

    I saw Chris using this at replay in blackpool and probably the biggest benefit of this bag is that doesn't look like a "gaming" bag, more just a multi-functional and well designed bag; as opposed to the Tritton bag that looks a bit too funky for me.
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    Dropdead Well-Known Member

    Good review Mellow.
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    JNA Lead UI/UX Designer & Co-Owner

    Good review, i will be buying one come December.

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    brK fr.decerto.net / French

    it doesn't look like a gaming pack, i like it.
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    elmooo pickitpackitfireitup.

    if their more frequent lans id buy it but seems pretty pointless atm

    does look sick though, good review :)
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    Mellow @MellowLive

    I'm a bit conscious that this is the longest backpack review ever, but to be fair, there's a lot of backpack to review.
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    Hero Well-Known Member

    After watching that and hearing the word backpack that many times it doesn't even sound like a real word anymore.

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    Mellow @MellowLive

    You know you want to buy the backpack Hero.
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    Leyton Royal Anglian Regiment

    Is this backpack ideal for tabbing?
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    Dunc Haggis muncher

    Nice review, will consider getting it for the next lan : )
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    Mellow @MellowLive

    What's tabbing?

    Xmas is coming up kids. Add this to your lists!
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    jayy Member

    "it pretty much serves all my needs, well... as much as a backpack would of course"
    LMAO, good review :)
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    Monksymw2 Well-Known Member

    the photo looks like a modern assassins creed, LANS need to be more of a common thing for me to consider buying one of these
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    Mellow @MellowLive

    2011. Trust me.
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    CoopeY Grenade Whistle!!!

    Blates told astro he will advertise and try a sell it to people if they sent him a free one :p lol
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    Mellow @MellowLive

    No comment.
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    DaZe Well-Known Member

    I was thinking of getting this for ecl2, but then I would have to get another bag for my clothes and then the box for my monitor if I'm bringing it, so then I thought I'd just get the mission bag as I can put my clothes in it also so I would only have it and a box to carry, but would I get the mission bag on as hand luggage on easyjet/ryanair? As I don't want a bunch of idiots throwing my Xbox about.
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    DominatoR Member