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3v3 GB Scrim - Scrim NOW

Discussion in 'Scrims' started by Lewis Howl, May 20, 2011.

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    Lewis Howl New Member

    3v3 GB SnD or RmG

    Radar :)

    Post Gamertags here or friend request:

    Lewis xD
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    Danny. Well-Known Member

    invite DEFY Phily
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    Kan3 Well-Known Member

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    Joey Well-Known Member

    Radar lul.
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    XceptionN Active Member

    Yeah add me - zzirGrizz
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    Lloyyd™ Member

    Add me PURE ClarkE i'm a radar god i play it all the time.

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    Jukkez New Member

    inite me Jukkez
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    nakedninja91 T4Ghosts

    Ahahahhahahaha, you serious...?